Here, I explain to Psafe Total and Psafe Total are called to antivirus and safe your phone, One of the most popular free antivirus apps the Psafe Total has been renamed to DFNDR and the Psafe Total Defender app blocks 2+ million cyber attacks daily and provides protection from hackers and offers advanced security features for free that is best all time.

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Psafe Total provided security features and DFNDR app provided a tool to boost your mobile phone and this app are really good and very helpful in your phone.


Psafe Total Antivirus Review

Psafe Total DFNDR APK size is 15 megabytes and after installation the app takes over 30 MB storage memories that is best app all time.

Features of Psafe Total

1Psafe Total Security scans

Now tap on this option to run the antivirus tool and DFNDR will check each file and app on your phone. Scanner is fast and DFNDR finishes scanning your device after show a list of issues found in it and a button to fix them. You are to select the issues you want to fix that are best.

2Psafe Total for Quick Cleanup

Psafe Total Run this tool if you think your mobile phone storage memory and you tap on the Quick Cleanup option after DFNDR will scan storage memory thoroughly and it will delete useless files that is best all time.

3Boost Memory

Psafe Total DFNDR offers memory booster tool that frees up the system memory aka RAM on demand that is all time best for Psafe Total.

4Find and delete duplicate photos

Now Android mobile phone has tons of duplicate photos and you can easily find and get rid of them with this tool that is best.


Psafe Total is DFNDR app will prevent loss of data and secure your photos and other important files when you turn on the anti-theft feature that is best all time.

6Overcharge protection

The app comes with a total charge feature and the app will prevent the phone battery from overheating by showing the estimated charging time and a notification to disconnect the charger when the battery gets charged that is best all time.

7Internet speed

Psafe Total antivirus comes with an internet speed checker tool and speed tester takes few seconds to determine your connection speed that is best all time for this Psafe Total.

8Advanced security

Advanced security provides protection against hackers and uses this feature for you all have to give DFNDR the device administrator permission that is best all time.

How to Download Psafe Total Antivirus

Here, see below link to download and install Psafe Total Antivirus for any smartphone like android.

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DFNDR is a powerful Android app that takes care of your privacy and the phone’s performance and app has some advertisements after allows you to enable or disable the features you don’t want to use that is best all time.

Now completed guide for Psafe Total: Best Antivirus Review and you check above review after download this best antivirus app for android.

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