Here, I explain to Best iPhone Launchers for Android and most of android users like to iPhone Launcher and run to android display iOS Launcher and Android has many of customizable options and also tons of android launchers out there and that switches the user interface.

There are tons of apps out there, including iOS 9, iOS 10 launchers for Android and respectively UI changes & wallpapers and other Better you download this iPhone launcher Apk full version and you found something unique iOS launchers for free best all time.

Now you can get Apple iOS icon packs, user interface and transitions in Android with some equivalent iOS launchers and you are not supposed to stop there even there is an option to install iPhone apps on Android and here see below guide for Top iPhone Launcher for android.


Top iPhone Launcher for Android

1ILauncher (iPhone Launcher)

ILauncher are best iPhone Launcher and hefty customization options and the similar user interface like Apple iOS and brings the dock less experience where every app you have is listed on the home screen itself like iPhone.

ILauncher added also Transition effects and gestures are limited on the free version but enough for most of the users. The unread badge count is an eye-catching feature of iOS but it is only available in the premium version.

2IPhone Launcher for OS 10

IPhone Launcher for OS 10 is simple yet somewhat appealing iOS Launcher for Android But the lack of customizability makes it least favorite and Most of the system icons or replaced with iOS icons so it feels good and unread badge count in the default messaging app that is good and developers add more customizability options and full-screen ads are annoying, considering is has the income source for developers that is best.

3OS 10 Launcher

OS 10 Launcher packs are great power for those Android fan boys and almost clone iOS experience to your Android in no cost and system icons are replaced with Apple ones, even the non-system apps have rounded to match the iOS style and best part and my most favorite is the options to customize the way you need it after You can adjust the horizontal app counts on the home screen, app icon size, name size, color that is best all time.

4Launcher For iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is one more iOS launcher for Android that enables you to get the iPhone lock screen on your smartphone and lock screen is only activated after the device is unlocked and you can check out other lock screen apps if you need more that is best all time.

Launcher for iPhone 7 nothing fancy but gets the job done without anycustomization options and it sounded awesome while we had it on our One Plus 3T that is best iPhone Launcher.

5One Launcher

One Launcher is best iPhone launcher one could get for the Android and the iOS transition effects, icon packs and few system icons and all the apps icons are scattered over the home screen for the much experience and apps are grouped bases on the category, for the cleaner look and easy access and some other features like unread count, gestures support are available and permission on the Android Marshmallow and later versions that is best all time.

Now completed guide for Top iPhone Launcher for Android and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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