Apple unveiled iPhone X as one of its 10th-anniversary phones in the year 2017. iPhone X has a slim new design, and bezel-less display with new sensors up front. Also, more to it introduce the TrueDepth camera system in the new iPhone X, and it can be removed the Touch ID in iPhone X. With the removal of TouchID, introduce the TrueDepth camera system, Also it will be introduced the Face ID, the new security feature. It replaces the TouchID in iPhones. Apple articulates that Face ID is securing than TouchID. However, some of us are not comfortable using such functionality then you need to keep using PIN system. If you want to try change security locks and you want to disable face ID then here I will show you How to disable Face ID security on iPhone X.

How to disable Face ID in iPhone X

In earlier versions, we pressing the power button five times would disable the Touch ID. Now the same way to follow also it gives you quick access to emergency services. Correspondingly, Apple has a shortcut to remove Face ID in case of inconvenience.

disable Face ID in iPhone X

Now your Face ID security is to disable itself,

  • Now just reboot the device.
  • You can’t unlock with a passcode or at all in about six days
  • Face ID hasn’t unlocked in 4 hours
  • You haven’t used Face ID to your device in over 48 hours.

You can also quickly disable Face ID by pressing a combination of certain keys.

Disable Face ID by press the sides of the phone

Note: You can follow this same method is temporarily disabling Touch ID on your iOS device. Head over to this guide to find out how it works the right way.

How to Take A Screenshot on iPhone X

Press any volume button or the power button and hold them for a short period. This provides you access to an emergency screen. This emergency screen is similar to the screen on previous iPhones.

Face ID can be finally disabled too in case you want to use the standard passcode in its place. For this, you have to selectively choose when to authenticate Face ID.

Several Other Options to disable Face ID on iPhone X

  • Navigate to Face ID & Passcode section from Settings app and disable it. (Settings> Face ID & Passcode)
  • Now restart your iPhone X.
  • Make a five failed attempts to unlock the device.
  • After just Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button and volume button at once to reboot your iPhone X.

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Hope you like this post and easy to disable Face ID on iPhone X. if any query regarding this topic then feels below comment box.

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