Afdah Movies is one of the great free movie streaming websites. There are many perks of watching HD movies online. But like some other free streaming website, you won’t find TV shows and other content on Afdah. Afdah movies has only movies. The site is super easy to use but many people are looking for some best alternatives to Afdah Movies. So here we have mentioned the best 12 sites like Afdah.


Afdah Movies Proxy 2021

There is a problem with illegal free streaming sites that they change their name frequently. Right now Afdah movies can be accessed at

12 Best Alternatives to Afdah Movies 2021

Afdah Movies Alternatives (Free and Illegal)


This one of the best free websites to watch movies and TV shows online and it could be the best similar site like Afdah movies. Just like Afdah, this is illegal so the domain name of the site may change very often but you can find the official site on Google or Yahoo. This site has a massive collection of movies and TV shows. Plus, anime category on the site has some anime series and movies for anime fans out there.


Moviegaga is another illegal Afdah movies alternative in 2021 with some premium UI and a huge collection of movies and TV shows. This is a free website so you would have to deal with advertisements but that is negligible as you are getting HD video streaming of movies and TV shows. No need to create an account so juts go on the site and enjoy the show.


Xmovies, Fmovies, and Bmovies are the same kind of movie streaming website so we have mentioned only of them on the list. These are some of the best alternative similar sites to Afdah movies on our list. The homepage of the site has a search bar where you can search for any movie title or TV show title and watch it in HD for free. You may have to deal with ads but you can block them by using an Adblocker on your browser

Similar Sites like Afdah Movies (Free and Legal)


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first one on our list of the top alternatives to Afdah movies is YouTube. While many of their films do cost money to watch but there are several that are you can watch free with advertisements. There are channels which are public domain films and there’s also pop conflict which has a variety of different films. There is also a “full movies” on YouTube subreddit which handily has a nice selection of different movies you can watch


This Afdah Movies alternative is from Sony. They have their own shows on here. They also have a mixture of different films and television shows and everything on Crackle is free to watch however You need to bear ads.


Viewster is another free to watch the site with advertisements and one of the best legal alternatives to Afdah movies. It is mostly geared towards anime although, they do have a lot of other stuff including quite a good documentary section.


Vudu has a part of their site called ‘movies on us’ which are free movies with limited advertisements. There’s a wide range of movies here but there are also some real classics movies that you would like to watch in your free time with your friends and family. So this could be another best similar site like Afdah movies.


This is one of the best similar sites like Afdah Movies and it has quite a selection of different films from documentaries to comedy to films from across the years. This is another service that uses ads in their films a good thing about SnagFilms is that you don’t have to sign up for an account. You just click on any film and it will start playing.

If you are a fan of classic old films that you don’t see on most of the free movie streaming websites like Afdah movies. This site does exactly what it says on its name. This site is completely legal and you will have to deal with ads while watching and accessing this site.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel could be one of the best alternative websites like Afdah movies to watch free movies and TV shows. You don’t actually need a Roku device in order to watch movies and shows. You can do it in the browser. You just need to make an account and you will need to watch some advertisements much like many of the others but there is a great selection of films here.


On the list of top alternatives of afdah movies list, this is something a little bit different. Kanopy allows you to use your library card to watch films much like you can borrow films from the library. You will need to make an account and check that your local library is supporting Kanopy but this is a fantastic way to watch free films online.

This is a completely free site that has a lot of full-length movies but it also has a lot of fan-made movies that you’re not going to find anywhere else. So if you are a movie geek who wants to explore and watch new films and movies made with passion then this Afdah movie alternative is really worth trying.

So these are some of the best illegal and legal top alternative sites to Afdah Movies in 2021. If you know some other similar sites Afdah or if you use some other movie streaming site then you can put their names in the comment box below and we will add them in our next article about best free movies and TV shows sites to watch online free.

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