IPA4iOS is one of the best third-party app installers for Apple iOS devices. IPA4iOS allows the users to install tweaks, patched games, and paid application from Apple App Store for free. IPA4iOS doesn’t require jailbreak or any kind of software exploitation so you can enjoy Cydia apps at no cost with this third-party app installer. A lot of users are asking for ways to get paid apps from App Store for free and nothing is better than these tweaked applications. Well, there are many similar apps like IPA4iOS but IPA4iOS is among the best and you will get everything that you need. Here are some features of IPA4iOS that you would enjoy on your iPhone and iPad:

  • It is totally free – There is no hidden fee and no fake promises
  • Easy to use – It is very easy to installed tweaked apps and hacked games here
  • Collection – IPA4iOS has got a huge collection of apps, games, and paid apps for free


Top alternatives to IPA4iOS | Best Third-Party App Installers for iPhone and iPad

Well, there are many other similar app stores that can be great IPA4iOS alternatives. Here, we have mentioned some of the top applications that you can use to install paid apps for free on iPhone and iPad.


Modification is the main word that describes AppValley, an application that you can install on your device without having to have Jailbreak since you only download it from its official page and it runs on your iPhone and other devices that run on iOS. With it, you will be able to download any number of applications that you want, but primarily those modified that have additional functions and extra features, great for every user. So, it is one of the great similar apps as IPA4iOS.

In addition, AppValley has also been noted for including Premium apps, but for free download. Although they are not official, because they cannot approve by their developers, they are the original applications and without any type of charges for their use. You can also download many tools to improve the conditions of your equipment, as well as others that allow you to customize it to the maximum, adding themes, file managers, and much more that you should know.


Another of the alternative stores to the App Store and the best IPA4iOS alternative that you can install without having to go through the Jailbreak process is this. AppEven has a great featured catalog, which includes all kinds of applications, mainly paid ones, in case you don’t have a way to pay, but if you want to test its functions. Along the same lines, you also have the opportunity to download modified apps, notable for having new extra functions that do not have their official versions.

Meanwhile, AppEven has an interactive search bar from where you can find almost any cell phone software to install. Not just the basic applications that everyone wants, like WhatsApp++ or Twitter++ or Spotify++, Now you can also download other tools such as device optimizers, RAM accelerators, residual file erasers, built-in antivirus with multiple protections, among many other things.


The Emus4u is not just an alternative to IPA4iOS, but it is a whole package of opportunities that are uncovered with the installation of your application. And, you will be able to download any number of apps that you can think of. You have the option to select those made by third parties, which by the way, are not available in the official Apple store. Although it will also be very easy to obtain official Premium apps and others modified for you.

As if that were not enough, Emus4u brings everything together through a complete catalog, which is well categorized to enjoy multiple apps of any kind, including fun tools and others. But to finish making your day brighter, this package also includes two software. One of them is a team optimizer, which is responsible for erasing all residual data and a little more. The second is a screen recorder.

Zestia Step

One of the most complete catalogs on the market is Zestia Step since it has thousands of applications to install on your devices whenever you want and that’s what makes it one of the best apps like IPA4iOS. In addition, like the previous ones, it is not necessary for your team to have a Jailbreak since you only have to download the app and install it on your device as an additional store. To enter you do not need much protocol either, because you just open it and you will come across a very intuitive, digestible and easy to understand interface for everyone.

Accordingly, Zestia Step is decked out with its category search functions, something that positions it in a good place among the alternatives to Jailbreak for its ease of use. In it, you will get multiple things, including the official applications of the Apple basic store, but there are also other unknown, games from amateur developers and more. For this you need to have a maximum version of iOS 12, in addition to that, it is not necessary to pass it through cables.


Of course, if you do not want to install applications or do any procedure like Jailbreak on your iPhone, nothing happens because there are still good options like iNoJB. The main advantage of it is that you will not have to install it on your computer. Nor do you need to connect to the computer and pass the app via USB cable, because it is simply not software. It is an online store from where you enter, search for the app you can think of and download it, it’s that easy.

Meanwhile, iNoJB has a fairly robust catalog that carries strong and healthy competition with the rest of the options you find in this list. It is possible to download official applications, fun games, and others with modifications that include changes and improvements from third parties. In addition, to install the apps you only have to download them from your internal browser and then search for it with your preferred file management system, since it will not request special permissions for it.


Speaking of Premium versions, TweakBox is one of the most surprising Jailbreak alternatives of all because most of the offers in its catalog are official paid apps, but now you can download them for free from their system. So, it can be among the best applications similar to IPA4iOS. Everything is organized through multiple, categories to get them ordered and you will not need to have your device with Jailbreak either, you already download it and install it as an official app, but without the need for it to deny it.

Even TweakBox is compatible with most Apple devices with the iOS operating system, including iPads, iPods, and iPhones, of course, from versions 7 onwards. The best thing about it is that you can also select those applications with modifications, which stand out for including additional functions without having to modify too much the code of the main app, which can be used to the maximum by everyone.


Hydia is practically a store for downloading stores. This application is downloaded from its official page and you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. But the most outstanding thing is that its catalog is full of all the proposals that we have presented to you in this article since its purpose is to bring you those apps so that you can enjoy them equally. This is because newer Apple devices come with more restrictions, and now you can skip them with Hydia.

Asterix Installer

Personalizing the iOS devices may turn out to be the primary purpose for many, mainly because it is a store that gathers more applications in that sense than anything else. You can also get popular apps, other official apps, and some other modified proposals. However, the most important thing here is the themes, the gadgets to optimize your work, and even the taskbars with which you carry out many things. The truth is that IPA4iOS is a great IPA4iOS alternative in 2021.


And if you regret it and, in any way, want to install the Jailbreak on your cell phone, Cyder will be one of the best alternatives to IPA4iOS to find. You may wonder why. This app includes all the apps and games packages and things that will be necessary to install Cydia, an alternative store with which you can replace the other options. In addition, it can be a first look at what it means to modify the environment of your cell phone, in case you need to familiarize yourself a little more with the subject.

Final words

Install applications, discover alternatives of Apple Store, avoid installing jailbreak on your iPhone, and more with these alternatives to IPA4iOS. Modifying iPhone devices can be quite a complicated job. It never hurts to take some risks, if you want to take advantage of all its functions. But for those who do not want to go that far and enjoy the installation of additional apps, then any of the tools that we provide will be useful for you.

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