Lady, are you looking for the latest phone cover? Then you are at the right spot. Skip the cheap stuff and go for some classy, good phone cases that you will cherish.

Markets offer a wide variety of phone cases. It can be difficult to find a phone cover on the market. Price, durability, reliability, and looks, all factor into the decision to buy a phone guard. The protection of our phones is crucial. But covering it up in bulky shiny cases does not seem okay.

Fortunately, you have many choices these days. On today’s list, we present you with different types of phone covers available in the market for girls. If you are looking for some girly cute phone covers, check out Peeperly’s collection.

This guide provides necessary information that you should know before you visit the store next time. Stay tuned for more!

Types of Phone Case Materials:

Fabric Phone Covers:

Fabric cases? Are you serious? We think of it first when we think of fabric phone covers. They are the opposite when you hold and use them. They are pleasant on the eyes and hands. Also, it can survive the hardest falls.

Additionally, it comes in several designs and colors that can be matched with a variety of outfits. Fabric cases can be acquired via many websites. Now many big brands like Google, Samsung, etc. Have updated their product line by adding fabric phone covers.

Wooden Phone Covers:

If you want something classy and elegant for your handset, go for a wooden cover. If you are an eco-friendly person, you will get phone cases made from recycled materials. You can buy real or faux phone covers according to your pocket. They are easy to clean and don’t get dirty easily.

Leather Phone Cases:

Leather cases are evergreen. If you attain a real leather phone case, they age well. It shines bright with one wipe. It is grippy.

Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber cases are the hardest and most durable of all. It is grippy and looks tough. Military items and shields are made from carbon fiber. Even though your phone will be safe, this doesn’t guarantee screen protection. You have to apply a screen guard too.

Hard Transparent Cases:

Transparent cases are an all-time favorite irrespective of age group. It adds an extra layer of protection without compromising on looks. However, silicone cases turn yellow with use and are a bit slippery. Therefore, we recommend hard silicone cases for phone security.

Bumper Cases:

You can get bumper cases. As the name says bumper cases are made from hard plastic. It is shock-proof and secures edges nicely via a rubber sheet. It improves grip with no slipping.

Wallet Cases:

Are you a one-pocket person while going out? Wallet cases are for you. They are multifunctional. Have pockets for money, cards, and IDs. Just slip your money into the wallet case, and you are ready for the party.

Wallet cases are available in leather, silicone, rubber, TPU, etc. You get the option of a flip flop too.

Thin Fits:

Regular cases might be bulky. If you are into slim-fit cases, you should check them out online. Girls prefer thin fits because they have small pockets to slide their phones into. It is hard to get bulky phones in wallets and pockets, but relatable.

Heavy Duty:

Rugged cases are not impractical anymore. Time has changed a lot, and people are diverting towards tough phone cases. For example, Spigen, OtterBox, etc. make heavy cases for mobile brands. It is best for glass phone cases and expensive handsets.

Moment Photo Case:

The Moment Case is a revolutionary phone case that lets you use additional lenses on compatible devices. It is available in wooden, silicone, and leather materials.

Phone Skins:

Lastly, on our list is phone skins. Unlike the above types, phone skins add a protective layer with personalization. You can choose materials, designs, and patterns according to your taste. They look classy and super trendy.


Many people feel that encasing their smartphone is an unnecessary expense, but when you are paying thousands of rupees for a smartphone, why not use its 2% cost to purchase a quality phone guard? Think about it. We assure you, you will not regret getting one.

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