Here in this article, we will show you how to reset a frozen LG V30. If your new smartphone is unresponsive or hanging up, this is how to fix.  LG’s newest smartphone is great and has plenty to offer, but some will run into the irregular problem. So let’s follow these quick steps in its place of taking it to a carrier store for help.

The LG V30 is one of the best flagship phones, it offers a new premium all metal and glass.  V30 is water-resistant. This means the phone is completely sealed, including the battery. The battery is no longer removable if the phone is frozen.

Almost any minor problem can occur then we will easily to fix by a simple reboot. However, that isn’t getting an option. Sometimes a phone stops responding completely. If your V30 is frozen, the new button blend below will get it working right in a matter of seconds.

Here’s Reboot a Frozen LG V30

Sometimes you turn on the V30 LG has a small notification about this change. Also, the V30 doesn’t have a removable battery if you start your phone, so they added a button combination to “reset” or reboot the phone if needed. Keep in mind that resetting your phone will not erase any data, or cause any problems, it just forces the phone to reboot.

“If your phone stops responding or is stuck on a screen, press and hold the Power and Volume down key for 8 seconds to restart the phone.”

How to Reboot a Frozen LG V30

  • Push and hold both Power (fingerprint scanner) and Volume down keys simultaneously for 8 seconds, or until the phone vibrates and turns off. This works even when the phone is completely frozen, or the screen is black.
  • It’s a hard reset and works no matter what.

At a time you hold the buttons down long enough you’ll see your screen turn off, feel the phone vibrate at a time, then it will restart and boot back up to full working order in next screen. LG then states, “For your phone protection, you do not remove the battery from the phone”. You shouldn’t be able to stop or turn off, so this is just an extra cautionary warning.

Once more to check out, no data will be lost or remove, although any apps or browser windows that were open will close. Some apps will lose progress, but that’s it.

Now you have a successfully all set and your LG V30 will reboot. Now your LG V30 should work perfectly. This same button combination works on the LG G6, most Samsung Smartphones, and most Android devices. It’s a universal hard reboot that fixes any major issues. Before you go, consider one of these Best LG V30 Cases to keep that phone looking stylish.