There is a sudden uptick in the availability of e-commerce clothing stores, especially ones with no valid address and similar contact information. If you are an internet buff and have been looking for new clothing stores, Aljok is an option many are looking into.

But, with the growing popularity, the one question that most people have been asking about is the authenticity of the website. Is it worth the time? Is the website legit? Is the quality good?

We will walk you through all the information that you need to know about Aljok, its features, its authenticity, and whether or not you should buy from them.


More about Aljok

Aljok is an emerging e-commerce clothing store that has been gaining a lot of popularity and traction over the past few months. They heavily focus on selling clothing items, especially unique ones like sweaters, long-sleeve tops, asymmetrical dresses, and the list goes on.

Judging by the types of clothing that are available on their website, Aljok specializes in women’s clothing. You can also find party wear on their website for cheaper prices, so if you have a prom to attend, you can be assured that they have something in stock for you.

According to the website’s contact details, their company is located in London, England. But, the sketchy part is that the address mentioned on the website isn’t legit. This is what raises concerns in the minds of potential buyers.

Why are Customers Skeptical about the Aljok?

Aljok isn’t the first e-commerce online platform on the internet. There are similar options available on the internet.

The reason why people are skeptical about the website is as follows:

  • Security – Although the website has an HTTPS certificate, when you try to open any of their product category pages, it redirects you to the fake McAfee present at the bottom of each page. So, there are chances that the personal details you enter on the website might be misused.
  • Discounts – The trap of heavy discounts is to bring more and more customers on board. The quality of the product reflects why they offer such hefty discounts.
  • Plagiarised content – Another factor that has led to people not believing in the authenticity of the website is its array of copied content. This has sparked a lot of curiosity among people regarding whether or not the website is legit.
  • ·         Complaints – Lastly, people who have bought from the website and left reviews have stated that their service isn’t as prompt and even the quality of the products delivered to them is subpar.

Is It Worth Buying from Aljok?

Aljok might offer affordable clothing items and a wide range of discounts but what you need to understand is that their website isn’t as legit as many make it out to be.

There are risks of identity and security threats when you enter your bank details on the website. This is one of those things we’d not recommend you indulge in at all.

So, for your sake and your safety, it is ideal that you focus on buying items from legit and reliable stores instead of emerging e-commerce platforms like Aljok that don’t have a good reputation for their name.

Final Verdict

Should you buy from Aljok? Well, the answer to this lies with you. If you want to take a risk and give this website a try, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, we’d recommend that you practice caution. Instead of buying blindsided and placing a huge order right off the bat, you must do so with a small order. See how the quality is and how quickly their shipping process is and proceed accordingly.

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