Snapchat is the new Instagram for the young generation. I have had felt that many of the features offered by Snapchat are “copied” tech giants like Facebook and Snapchat. However, Snapchat is mostly used by youths. It faced some issues a few years back, but still, it has managed to introduce new features. And one of the recognized features is to be able to create a public profile on Snapchat.

You might be thinking your Snapchat profile is already public. You are right, but there are some new additions.

Here Are the Eligibility Requirements for Getting a Public Profile on Snapchat

One has to be an active Snapchat user with a few months of account use before they can have a basic public profile. This is the one public profile that you can make right now. They are currently accepting submissions for tier 2 public profiles with analytics available to all. The requirements are 5000 subscribers and an application form to Snapchat’s site via Google form.

How to Create a Public Profile On Snapchat

Snapchat has just released an update that will change the way public profiles are created. For now, the updates are only available for certain regions, but they should be available to all public accounts in a few days. In order to create a Public Profile for your account, you’ll first have to go public with your profile. Check out how you can do this by going to “Edit Profile” and clicking on “Public Profile.”

Step 1 – Go Public

Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and open Profile from the left corner from the top.

You will see the gear icon at the top, tap on it.

Just scroll down and look for “Who can….” You have to change the following settings:

  • Contact Me = Everyone
  • Send Me Notifications = Everyone
  • View My Story = Everyone
  • See My Location = My Friends
  • Use My Cameos Selfie = Everyone
  • See Me in Quick Add = Turned On

Now you need to close and restart Snapchat in order for your edits to take effect.

It’s done! You have just made your public profile which will be visible to your friends. The feature also gives them the ability to contact you if they are waiting for a message from you too.

Step 2 – Create a Public Profile

Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and open Profile from the left corner from the top.

With this update, you’ll have a new option called ‘Add to Snap Map’ under ‘Stories’ or the ‘Spotlight & Snap Map’ section. This differs from device to device, depending on the version. Tap on the three-dot icon near this option

Now select the ‘Create Public Profile’ option.

Note: As an option, this one is not available to everyone. However, it should be coming back in a few days. In the meantime, if you cannot see the button, it may mean you need to wait a few days before Snapchat becomes enabled. You can also try setting the USA as your location using a VPN.

From now on, Snapchat will show you all the new features that are available with Tier 1 Public Profiles. Just tap on ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the screen to view them.

Once it is done, select “Get Started.”

You will see the disclaimer here. To create a public profile, we urge you to reflect on your decision and to read all of the terms and conditions before proceeding.

You should now be back on the settings page, where you will find a new ‘Public Profiles’ section. Tap on ‘My Public Profile’ to continue with your profile configuration.

Now tap ‘Update/Edit Profile’ to edit all your public profile details

It’s down. Now you will have a new public profile on the app.

What are some of the benefits of using Snapchat’s public profile feature?

There are various public profiles on Snapchat. They are used to identify between different types of creators. There are many different user profiles on Snapchat that need to be approved. Creating the basic profile is free of charge, but it’s useful for finding people you aren’t following yet. Let’s take a look at some of the app’s new features.

  • Expose content to your followers and friends on Public Stories and Snap Map
  • Your viewers will see a subscribe button.
  • You will get a new highlight section
  • You can post public snaps. You will be visible to viewers of the snap you shared publicly.
  • All of your content, including things (lenses) you created or curated, will be publicly accessible. 

What Are the Difference between a “Public Profile” and “Going Public.”

Going public on Snapchat means that your current public profile will be made available to the rest of your friends and groups. This feature has been around for a while, and going public lets, you share your stories much more broadly. This can allow people who don’t know your contact info to view your Stories & snaps so they can get to know you. As long as you provide your username, anyone who wants to see more about you will be able to do it through this story.

A key challenge that this software face is the fact that, while it can be a fantastic way to connect with people, its algorithms are always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with who you’re connecting with. One downside of going public is that it won’t provide many opportunities for you to grow your audience. Instead, Snapchat will give you a chance to connect with your friends and their friends.

Snapchat offers two different types of profiles, Public and Snap Star. The public profile is the new member of the line since it came out recently; however, it does not offer more perks than Snap Star’s profile.

Your public profile is a unique profile that functions separately from your current account. You can post content differently and present it the way you want your friends, family, and followers to see it. You will see highlights, privacy settings, and stories. This platform is designed for professionals to spread their work, create quality content, and more.

After the lacklustre reception of the Snapchat TV feature that was exclusively offered to verified profiles, they figured it would be best to move on. It’s a novel way of getting content onto the platform, but not necessarily something that can be applied to all scenarios & needs. Snapchat recently launched a new feature for emerging artists called ‘Public Profile’, and it seems like they really care about developing this space.

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