We travel to break free from the monotony of our daily life.

We travel to get to break barriers of language and culture, see breathtaking sights, and experience the culinary delights the world has to offer.

But most importantly, we travel to get to know ourselves a little better than how much we do today.

Regardless of the intentions behind our travel goals, there’s one thing that we all desire: to make our journeys as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Did you know that the next thing you call a “smartphone” can do much more than open Facebook and let you browse memes?

A smartphone or tablet can make travelling a lot smoother by taking care of multiple aspects – right from booking tickets to navigating unknown cities.

Read this guide to know all about it!

  1.  Book, Board, and Enjoy Private Flights

Smartphone Makes Your Trip Easier

The very notion of booking a private flight might seem like renting a limousine for office commute instead of catching a cab. But the fact is quite different in terms of price and safety.

The cost of booking a seat for a commercial flight is no doubt less expensive. However, when you are booking 4 seats, multiply the cost of each seat by 4. Say, for example, if the price per head is $1,000, the net cost becomes $4,000.

Now, the jet plane might cost you $3,000, but, the amount remains the same even if 4 persons board it. That means the booking cost of the commercial flight is $1,000 more than the private plane.

There are apps like JetSmarter, Blue Star Jet, Ubair which help to book private flights. If you have a group and have a destination to travel, try private flights. Here’s an example of the cost of renting a private jet.

  1.  Carry the Documents in Your Smartphone

Smartphone Makes Your Trip Easier

The days are gone when you had to carry all the essential documents, right from ticket to the Visa. Now, you can book a ticket with a gentle tap of the thumb. There are plenty of apps available to make your life easier.

Hopper is an app which brings you the option to choose between hundreds and thousands of flights to find the lowest possible fare.

LoungeBuddy is another handy app that locates the airport lounges for you to rest a while or to make eleventh-hour business calls in peace.

  1.  Bury the Worry of Losing Hotel Key

Smartphone Makes Your Trip Easier

The prospect of lying on a cozy bed in your hotel room after a long tiring day may become gloomy if you lose the room-key. But now, smartphones have digitalized the check-in and check-out system.

Apps like Digital Key allow you to go in and out of your hotel room without using the key. Tap on your smartphone, and the cozy bed welcomes you!

  1.  Be the Captain of Your Ship

Captain of Your Ship

Google Map or GPS apps will let you navigate in the unknown places without the fear of getting lost. They not only help you locate important places to visit, but also show the best routes to reach there. So, let the unknown mazes of the cities amaze you with these apps.

  1.  Accessing Wi-Fi from Anywhere is No More a Sci-fi

Accessing Wi-Fi

Don’t worry about finding cafes with Wi-Fi to access the net anymore. A smartphone provides you with Mobile Hotspot to secure Wi-Fi connection to a laptop or tablet from anywhere while traveling.

If you are still a skeptic, carry a portable wireless travel router and access the net even in public transportation.