Every smartphone owner knows that once you purchase a new phone, you start downloading new apps straight away, and the obsession never stops.

Most of us have dozens of apps installed on our phones, some of them useful, while others have the sole purpose of entertaining you when you need something to distract you. Usually, when we go about our day, we tend to ignore the fun apps in our search for Google Maps, WhatsApp, and other important apps.

But when you’re bored, upset, or just feeling lazy – those apps are there to lift your spirits. If you want to add some fun apps to the ones you already have installed on your phone, this article is just for you!

The Apps

Fun Apps You Must Have on Your Phone

Any of the following apps are different and unique, but they have one thing in common – they are not useful. They are not there to help you navigate through traffic or find the best bargains in your vacinity. However, they can do a fabulous job of putting a smile on your face, which is something important in its rarity.

  1. 9GAG – This app deserves to be mentioned first on any list that describes fun apps since you can spend hours on end sifting through the apps’ content without getting bored. It is filled with lots of humorous content that suits everyone. If you have a dark, cheesy, or cynical sense of humor – you are bound to find something entertaining to read or laugh at that will suit your personality on this app.
  2. Instant Buttons – This app suits anyone who wants to unleash his mischievous side from time to time. This prank app allows you to produce funny sounds with a push of a button, which will serve to surprise the people around whenever the mood strikes you.
  3. Water Paint – Photo Sketch Effect – If you are into snapping photos on a regular basis, this app can brighten up your day in no time. It allows you to turn any of the photos you’ve taken in the past into works of art. Once you start using this app in your free time, you won’t be able to stop converting all your photos into sketches till you go over your entire album!
  4. Voice Changer With Effects – This is a hilarious app you must download right away. You can record yourself saying the craziest stuff, and listen to it on repeat while adding various voice effects and filters that are bound to make you laugh.
  5. Pinterest – Another classic app that you definitely should have on your phone in case you have nothing better to do with your time. Once you create an account and customize the settings, the app will match the content to your interests, which means you will get addicted to it in mere seconds. The moment you start scrolling through the app, your nose will be glued to the screen till your phone runs out of power.

A Different Kind of Fun…

Any of the mentioned apps can fill up your day with mindless fun, but if you are interested in doing something more challenging with your spare time – you need to download another kind of app.

Game apps are a bit more intriguing and demanding than the average funny apps, so if you want to do something more stimulating, you should find game apps to install on your phone. You can install mobile casino apps that will grant you access to various casino games online, so you will be able to play some fun games while adding an exciting risk factor into the mix.

All in all, whenever you need to blow off steam and you need to take your mind off your daily problems, there are dozens of apps that can help you achieve your goal. So look them up and have some fun!


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