Yes, the Fortnite Season 6: Darkness Rises is going to live from tomorrow and here we have all detail of what you will see in next season of Fortnite.  So, if you are excited about the Fortnite Season 6, then here we every detail about the next season and Fortnite V6 Patch Notes. As the next season is based on the dark theme, I guess it will be scarier. Don’t you think so!

Without wasting much time, we would love to give you the highlight of Fortnite season 6. There is new Battle Pass with 100 levels, over 100 new rewards. It is available in-game right now for 950 V-Bucks. While some of the countries have got the Fortnite V6 update while there are still looking for the new Fortnite update.


Exclusive Fortnite Season 6 – Darkness Rises Trailer

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass – Introduction & Overview

What’s on Fortnite Season 6?

  • Pets (Battle Royale)

Fortnite Season 6 Pet

Always have a friend watching your back when you drop in. Pets are now available in-game!

  • Shadow Stones (Battle Royale)

Fortnite Season 6 Shadow Stones

Embrace the darkness with this new consumable that can be found around the map.

  • Updated Map (Battle Royale)

Fortnite Season 6 Map

Islands floating, crops growing, Storm approaching. Changes have happened all over the map, glide in to find all of them now.

Riot Husky

A new enemy approaches from the Storm and they’ve come prepared. Taking this enemy head-on may be tricky!

  • Cram Session (Save the World)

Exciting things are on the way to Save the World. To celebrate, join in on the Cram Session mini-event and earn additional rewards!

  • When you purchase the Battle Pass you’ll instantly get two exclusive outfits, Calamity and DJ Yonder. Then play to level up and earn up to 100 rewards worth over 25,000 V-Bucks. What’s new in Battle Pass Season 6?
  • Pets! Level up your Battle Pass to unlock Bonesy, Scales, and Camo, new critters that will join you on your journey across the map. These passive companions are always by your side, reacting to different situations you find yourself in.
  • Similar to previous Battle Passes, you’ll be able to complete Weekly Challenges to level up and earn rewards faster. Complete enough Weekly Challenges and you’ll uncover even more exclusive rewards!


  • The building is your friend – Throw up a wall to stop a barrage of bullets, or use those stairs to snag a chest from the attic!
  • Explore the map – The Island is full of surprises that will help you claim Victory Royale. Find fresh apples to recover your health, search chests to complete challenges or land a stunt in an ATK to show everyone you’ve got the style.
  • Fortnite is better with friends – The best way to learn Fortnite is by playing with friends. Squad up and enjoy a game of 50v50 or Playground!

Final Lines

Well, these were some best thing you will see on Fortnite Season 6 from tomorrow. If you want to know more about full Fortnite v6 Patch Notes then you can visit the official Epic Games page here.