Beautiful, durable, and unhackneyed – these are the cases made of genuine exotic leather by Labodet. All the items are designed and crafted by the finest artisans in Paris, France. They are fashion accessories emphasizing the high status and refined taste of their owner. Each alligator skin iPhone case immediately attracts attention with bright colors and the unusual texture of natural material. The unique covers can be ordered both for yourself and as a non-trivial present to a friend, relative, colleague, or even a boss.

Exotic Leather and Its Properties

Genuine leather of animals, snakes, and birds is used to manufacture luxurious accessories. This unique material has many appealing properties:

  •  Durability. Unsurpassed exotic leather withstands heavy loads. For example, a Labodet luxury case made of python, alligator, or crocodile is almost impossible to damage even with a sharp object.
  •  Long-term use. Mobile accessories made of the best alligator and snake skin will last at least 10 years, while products made of crocodile leather – more than 20 years. The cost of such products is justified due to the unsurpassed wear resistance and premium quality of materials.
  •  Softness. Natural material is tactilely pleasant. Once you touch a Labodet luxury case, you won’t want to let it go. Depending on the finishing, the leather will give you an incredible feeling. Glossy or matte, alligator leather iPhone cases will grant the comfort and convenience you want.

If you turn to the Labodet store, you can buy not just a stylish and beautiful accessory but a really exclusive thing. Patterns, texture, and skin tone even within the same animal species are always unique. Thanks to these features, you get the case in a single copy.

The Classic Case range made of crocodile leather is considered one of the strongest and most durable in the world. The shape, decor in the form of a gilded logo, and a variety of colors (black, brown, various shades of blue, gray, honey, red, orange, and pink) will amaze even the most sophisticated customer.

The Strap Case style made of crocodile, porosus, and alligator leather is comfortable, durable, and soft to the touch. These models have an elegant pattern and original design. The leather types are easy to dye, which allows creating unique products in various shades — bright or classic.

Designed in ostrich leather, the Classic Case line with a carbon skull is easily recognizable by its pronounced “bumps”. Such cases have not only amazing softness and elasticity but also a catchy design. However, they are highly durable and water-repellent. Some models come in almost a single configuration in terms of the material and colors, but all the accessories differ in the coating of decorative elements, crafted with gilding, silver plating, or black PVD.

Exclusive models of handmade cases, such as Wallet with MagSafe, Card, and Double Card Cases have convenient pockets and sections for storing bank cards, cash, or IDs. The elite iPhone cases are smartly designed to charge your device wirelessly.

If you want to demonstrate your exclusivity to those around you or just present a truly unique, beautiful, and practical gift to your loved one, pay attention to a Double Card Case from shiny alligator leather. Fashion accessories such as a Crossbody Bag styled in supreme genuine alligator and Italian calf leathers will serve you not only as a phone carrier and a cardholder but also as an original accouterment to an evening or business outfit.

The Labodet online store presents a huge selection of more than 100 unique models of iPhone cases, such as Folio Case and Pouch Case, which are guaranteed to impress you and those around you with their appearance and workmanship.