Flashlight app very useful for this time and the flashlight app are at the top of the list and some Smartphone come with pre installed flashlights and selection of flashlight apps is vast and Especially when you consider security concerns to flashlight app.

Flashlight App

Now first thing you want to take a look at when choosing a solid flashlight app and simply require access to your rear camera flash. It does not need to know your contacts, access media files or any other sensitive data on your device and many of the flashlight apps may ask for access to your Wi-Fi networks or even your browsing history in some cases.

Now you see below best Free Flashlight App in your android phone and you read below list after choose best android Flashlight App.


Free Flashlight App for Android

Flashlight App

1Flashlight (Free Flashlight App)

Flashlight app is one of the best apps to make the cut and minds at Flashlight Arts have produced an app that is simple to use and quite effective if you find yourself in need of a mobile torch in a pinch that is best all time.

Simple to use and with permissions is a winner in our book and it is free to download from the Play Store that is Good Flashlight app for android.

Features of Flashlight

  1. Flashlight with timer.
  2. The bright light
  3. Totally free.
  4. The only app without toys.
  5. Unique
  6. For devices without LED – uses a screen like torchlight.
  7. Fully secure and privacy for you.

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2Torch Flashlight App

Torch Flashlight App another older app and it has not been updated since 2014 we tested it on the LG G5 and Galaxy S6 Plus and it worked flawlessly. The UI is far from the fanciest but the simple light switch will certainly get the job done that is best Flashlight App.

Also the regular flashlight mode the Torch app has a few other tricks up and the settings tab after you can set the volume rocker as the on/off switch or kick off the strobe. There is also a Reverse Switch which reverses the button for this Flashlight App.

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3Tiny Flashlight + Led

Tiny Flashlight + Led are one of the most downloaded and oldest apps on our list as well and so it definitely has staying power and view network connection and control flashlight, full network access and run at startup device from sleeping.

Tiny Flashlight + LED also come with a few extra bells and it has a few fun modes and with Blinking Light setting and Color Light and This Flashlight App free to download.

Features of Tiny Flashlight + Led

  1. Free.
  2. Insanely bright, when using the LED flashlight.
  3. This is the most optimized and reliable flashlight app designed to preserve your battery life while operating.

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4White Light Flashlight

White Light Flashlight one of the best cooler flashlight app around with White Light Flashlight and the app has several features to make life easier if you are ever in the dark and You can activate the torch by swiping and you all get a resizable widget to boot that is best flashlight app.

Now same can be said of the included Light and Dark themes and the ability to adjust the screen brightness and White Light Flashlight app is free to download on from Google Play that is best all time.

Features of White Light Flashlight

  1. Turn on flashlight from the lock screen with a widget or notification.
  2. Activate phone’s flashlight with a swipe.
  3. Configurable notification can be used to turn on flashlight.
  4. Light stays on even when the screen is off.
  5. Resizable home screen widget.
  6. Light or dark theme.

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5Color Flashlight App

Color Flashlight has many features and addition to using the camera flash as torch users can also turn their phone screen into a flashlight and fun features allow displaying various colors, shapes, text and patterns and you can simulate a candle light, shows text banner, heart shapes more that is best.

Color Flashlight App comes with the basic permissions needed to run the flashlight and free all time that is best all time.

Features of Color Flashlight App

  1. Maximize screen
  2. Use camera LED as a torch.
  3. Change color of flashlight.
  4. Flashlight app by color note developer.

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6Flashlight Widget

Flashlight Widget great flashlight app requires some digging as there is thousands available in the Play Store and this one does not need to do anything extra behind the scenes at all and it is an older app that not seen an update in a few years and current devices, Flashlight Widget is free to download and can be found in the widgets section of your Smartphone.

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Now completed guide for Free Flashlight App for Android and read above guide after choose best Flashlight App this time.