Many situations necessitate or influence the need for a keylogger. You might probably find yourself in a case where you get worried about leaving your phone with your children.
Or sometimes you forget your phone in an office, and you start getting suspicious that someone checked it. Another reason can be finding out whether a spouse is cheating on you.

What is an Android Keylogger?
A keylogger app for Android is a program which can gather all keystrokes typed or data accessed on phones. It’ll then enable you to view these activities on your own device. Also known as a mobile spying tool, it monitors every action, and it’s undetectable.

For you to avoid such uncertain incidences, it’s essential to use Hoverwatch keylogger app for Android. It’s convenient to use, thanks to its reliability and low price.

best keylogger app for Android

Looking for the best keylogger app for Android?

Hoverwatch is your great option. This tool is unique because it records every phone activity. For instance, it’ll log every word typed on the keypad of the targeted device.
Using Hoverwatch keylogger for Android can help you track usernames, passwords, and any other activity on different social media platforms. Whether Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter, the program will monitor messages, calls, voice calls, videos, images, etc.

How Hoverwatch App for Android Works

Hoverwatch software works in three steps.

Step 1. Creating Account

On Hoverwatch website, create an account with your username and password. You’ll then receive a Hoverwatch email for activating your account. On the program’s dashboard, you can view all the devices to add to the software.

Step 2. Install the Program

The second step is logging in into the Hoverwatch app with your password and email. Select your device, in this case, Android, and then download and install the toolkit.

Step 3. View Reports

To view tracked reports, you need to log in to your dashboard. All the information on connected devices will be visible. The keylogger will capture every keystroke inputted on these Android phones.

best keylogger app for Android
Do You Need Any Special Skills to Install and Use Hoverwatch Keylogger App for Android?

This spying keylogger requires zero coding skills to install and use the program. Providing you know how to operate a smartphone, you can add any Android devices and view reports. It also has a user-friendly dashboard, making it straightforward to use.

Once I Install the Android Keylogger, Can the Target Device User Come to Know About Its Presence?

The target users will not discover that the phones they’re using have a keylogger. Once the program is installed, it’ll operate in stealth mode. Here are Hoverwatch stealth mode attributes.
1. After you install the app, it gets hidden from the target phone user. It doesn’t appear on the device’s task manager.
2. Users also can’t locate the file among the installed programs. It’s undetectable even when the user checks the phone’s start-up menu.
3. Hoverwatch app remains on the device without getting detected or interfering with the user’s phone activities.

Can I Be Traced Back If I Install the Keylogger on Someone’s Phone?

Since the tool operates in the background, you can’t be traced after installing the software on another person Android phone. Everything including the program icon will remain hidden and untraceable.

Can You Use Realtime-Spy If You Don’t Have Physical Access to the Target Phone?

Yes. Realtime-spy supports a remote installation feature that allows you to install tracking programs remotely on a device. For the method to work, you’ll require to place the module in .rar or. Zip file and send it to the targeted email address.
Features of Hoverwatch App for Android

  1. Recording Incoming and Outgoing Calls

After recording all calls, they’ll be downloaded to your Hoverwatch account. You can listen to these conversations whenever you want.
The information saved will help you to know the time, date, and duration of the calls. It’ll also show you the geographical location of the call, conversation partners’ names, especially if they’re in the phone’s contacts list.

  1. GPS Tracking

This feature works with the use of Wi-Fi and geolocation aspects. The device’s location can also be traced using GSM.
Thus, you can personalize your Hoverwatch account to receive information about the phone’s location you’re tracking. The position will be visible on the map, and you can zoom to trace the device.

best keylogger app for Android

  1. Instant Messengers and SMS Tracking

The app will enable you to monitor outgoing and incoming messages. It’ll also track conversations in instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and others. Additionally, you can browse pictures, video records or any other data shared on these sites.

  1. Snapchat Tracking

Spying Snapchats for a long time has been difficult. This platform is used by individual aiming at concealing their private conversations. When a message is sent or received through this network, it’ll appear on the screen for a short time then disappear.
However, Hoverwatch keylogger app will log every Snapchat activity. All data information shared will be saved for your viewing.

  1. Contact and To-Do List Tracking

All calendar notes and contacts from the targeted device will be saved on your spying account. Thus, you’ll know details such as plans and appointments of the targeted user.

  1. Screenshots

You can also capture screenshots from the targeted phone remotely. These images will be saved in your Hoverwatch app account.

  1. Browser Activity Tracking

The browsed website links on the target device will be logged in Hoverwatch control panel. You’ll be able to access and review these search histories.

How Safe is Hoverwatch Keylogger App for Android?

The keylogger is safe because every information collected will be private and confidential. The app will collect data from the target device, and your login details will remain protected. Additionally, the software will not contact you until you request for queries.

Pricing Policy

You can select three payment options.
A personal package costs $49.95 per month, $59.95 quarterly, and $99.95 for a year.
The professional plan pricing is $49.95 per month, $99.95 quarterly, and $199.95 for a year. This option can track five devices.
The business package is priced at $149.95 per month, $299.95 quarterly, and $499.95 for a year. It’ll allow you to trace up to 25 devices remotely.

Conclusion and Results

Hoverwatch keylogger is a great tool, and it’s simple and easy to use. You don’t require experience or special skills to monitor Android devices.
You can install the app through physical access to the targeted devices. However, configuration processes can be done remotely. If you require a safe and trustworthy spying program, Hoverwatch Keylogger app for Android is an excellent choice.


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