UFC 278 from Salt Late City was an event for the history books. The main event featured the culmination of Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards’ long road to the mountain top. The Jamaican-born Brit was fighting for the UFC Welterweight Championship for the first time in his career. The only problem was, he was fighting perhaps the greatest fighter on the planet today, Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman. The reigning champ looked set to be cruising to a unanimous decision victory when it happened. With barely a minute left in the fifth and final round of the championship bout, Birmingham’s finest — trailing by three rounds to one on the scorecards — found a headkick from the Gods which left the champion stricken on the canvas. Edwards, a huge underdog prefight, had done it. 

There are a few things as exciting as seeing the world’s greatest mixed-martial arts fighters going head to head on a Saturday night, but believe it or not, there are a few things that can actually to the excitement. There are a whole host of apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet which will add to your evening, and here are three of the best of them. 


One thing that adds to an evening spent watching the UFC is placing a wager on the action before you watch it. You can even bet in play if that’s more your thing. Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than calling your shot and seeing it play out in front of your eyes. But even if you aren’t an avid gambler, apps such as OddsChecker are still essential to your evening. 

OddsChecker compiles betting odds from thousands of different companies, as well as provides tips and free offers on UFC matchups and many more different sports. The information the app provides you with is invaluable. Many of the early prelims on a UFC card feature unheralded fighters that you may not have heard of before. With a quick look through OddsChecker, you will be able to see which fighter is the favorite for the victory, whether the expected result is a points decision or a finish, and which type of finish is most likely. It’s a great app for educating yourself and your friends prior to and during the evening’s action. 

Boxing & MMA Scorecard – Fight Night

Sometimes one of the criticisms of the UFC and Boxing are the controversial decisions that we see. Throughout the years, elite fighters such as Jon ‘Bones’ Jones have secured many a victory that fans the world over considered questionable at best. But sometimes, our opinion of the fight may have been skewed by one fighter having an incredible round but during the other four, they were less than impressive. 

Now, you can stay on top of the action throughout with this scorecard app. The app is super simplistic and designed for one reason you can score the fight that you are watching for yourself. You can select the number of rounds and then all you need to do is determine the score. For example, usually, if you believe a certain fighter has won a round, you would score them 10 points, and the other fighter 9 points. Of course, knockdowns and other situations can change that score from 9 to something lower, but 10-9 is the most common score. 

As the fight goes, you will be in a better position to determine the winner. The app itself will total up the scores at the end of the fight and then – if your scoring has been correct – the judges’ decision shouldn’t surprise you. Unless it’s a robbery of course. 


The final app is an obvious one, Twitter. Who doesn’t want to hear the opinions of experts and fellow fans during an evening of intense action? Using the correct hashtags you can easily join the discussion. Also, accounts such as the UFC and UFConBTSport will upload highlights while the event is ongoing, so you won’t miss a beat. 

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