The Metro Bank mobile app allows customers to easily manage their finances on the go. However, like any technology, sometimes issues can arise that prevent the app from functioning properly. This article will provide an in-depth look at some of the common problems users face when the Metro Bank app stops working and how to go about fixing them.


Common Issues

There are a few key problems that tend to come up when the Metro Bank app fails to work:

Installation Issues

Sometimes the app may fail to install properly on your device. This could be due to connectivity problems, lack of storage space, or incompatibility with your device’s operating system.

To fix installation problems, first check that you have a stable WiFi or mobile data connection. Close out of all other apps running in the background that could be taking up processing power or bandwidth. Clear some storage space on your device if needed. Also verify that your device OS, whether iOS or Android, is supported by the latest version of the app. Re-trying the installation after completing these steps should resolve most issues.

Loading/Freezing Issues

The app may suddenly freeze or fail to load content. Often closing and reopening the app or force quitting it can fix temporary freezing issues. For Android devices, try clearing the app cache and data as well.

If the loading problems persist, check the Metro Bank service status page for any known technical issues. Server outages or maintenance could be preventing the app from retrieving account data.

Login Issues

Problems logging in to the app with your credentials are another common occurrence. Double check that you’re entering the proper login information – sometimes auto-fill can input incorrect details.

Make sure your account credentials haven’t expired or changed recently. Also try resetting your password directly through the Metro Bank website in case the app is failing to authenticate the login properly.

Audio/Video Issues

Certain features in the app like showing check images or videos may fail to load properly. This could simply be an issue with your device’s speakers or needing to adjust media volumes.

Using headphones can help isolate and resolve audio issues. For videos, clearing the app cache/data and reinstalling the app can sometimes fix content loading issues specifically.

Solutions to Fix Metro Bank App Isn’t Working

If the Metro Bank app isn’t working, go through the following troubleshooting guide:

Check Service Status Pages

Check sites like Down Detector to see if other users are reporting widespread technical issues for the Metro Bank mobile app or online banking services. This can help determine if the problem is isolated or due to larger server outages.

Update the App

Go to the Play Store or App Store and install the latest version of the Metro Bank app. Updates often contain bug fixes and performance improvements.

Restart the App & Device

Fully close out the Metro Bank app by removing it from your device’s recents/multitasking view. Then reopen the app. Alternatively, reboot your smartphone or tablet and try again. This clears out memory issues.

Check Connection & Notifications

Ensure your device has a stable internet connection via WiFi or mobile data. Also check the OS notification settings for the Metro Bank app and enable permissions if they were disabled.

Remove & Reinstall App

Uninstall the Metro Bank app, restart your device, then redownload the app. This wipe cache & data fixes software crashes. Be sure to backup data beforehand.

Contact Metro Bank Support

If no other troubleshooting fixes the problems, reach out to Metro Bank customer assistance directly through the app, online, by phone, or by visiting a branch. They can further diagnose and resolve stubborn technical issues.

How to Prevent Future Issues

Once you get the Metro Bank mobile app working again, follow these tips to avoid recurring problems:

  • Keep the app updated to the latest version
  • Maintain a stable internet connection
  • Don’t overload your device by running too many apps simultaneously
  • Clear app cache/data periodically
  • Backup app data/settings
  • Monitor service status pages for server outages
  • Ensure proper OS & security updates are installed

Proactively following these measures will minimize the likelihood of the Metro Bank app failing in the future.


Resolving problems with the Metro Bank mobile app crashing or freezing can be frustrating. However, methodically going through connectivity and software troubleshooting steps can help identify and fix the underlying issue. Check for server outages, update the app to the latest version, restart your device, reinstall the app if necessary, and contact Metro Bank support if problems continue. Following preventative measures can also limit future disruptions in the app’s performance. With the right troubleshooting approach, you can get seamless access back to easily managing your finances on the go.

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