It has been a few years since Instagram permits its users to create and share their filters with other users within the app. Similar to the filters offered by the fourth most used social media platform, these filters can also be seen in the camera section. Given this feature to users, there are a number of users who have created their own filters, and one of them is the “Soulmate filter.”

In this article, we will tell you everything about the “soulmate Instagram filter.” If you intend to find your soulmate, this filter will help you (winking).


What Is the Soulmate Instagram Filter?

The soulmate filter on Instagram tells you where your soulmate is. Well, it is not God, so it is obvious that all answers in this filter are for entertainment. For instance, if you use this filter and start recording, it will answer the question (Where is your soulmate?) on your head.

The answers will be different every time. One time it can be “nearest coffee shop”, and another time it may say “69 miles away.”

@Erikasnacks is the creator of this filter. It would be really funny to check this filter with your actual soulmate and laugh.

Where to Find the Soulmate Filter In Instagram?

If you are using the filter on your Instagram account for the first time, you will not find this filter within your camera app. In order to get this filter, you need to visit erikasnacks’ Instagram profile.

When you open her Insta profile in the app, select the filter section (shown beside the reel section). You will see four filters since, as of now, there are only four of them. Scroll down and choose “Soulmate Radar.”

Now, you can tap on “Try It” in the left bottom corner or save the filter to your account by selecting the save option from the right-bottom corner.

If you save it, it will be added to your camera app. So, now whenever you open the camera option within Instagram, you will see this filter option to use.

Now you have to press on the camera recorder on the screen until you get an answer. This will record the video as well.

Note: if you have the filter to your collection of filters, you will not have to open Erika Snacks’ profile every time.

How to Use Soulmate Filter

  1. If you have the ‘Soulmate Radar’ filter saved, you can access it by launching the app and going to the camera (top left corner).
  2. Now, as the filter is saved in your filter arsenal, you can use the in-camera option within the Instagram app. Just launch the app and swipe right to open the camera.
  3. This will open the default camera without a filter. You can swipe filters from the ‘recorder’ button and select the soulmate filter.
  4. Once the filter is opened, it will detect the face shown in the camera. So, make sure your front-facing camera works properly.
  5. Now select and hold the recorder button. This will trigger the filter answers, and a random answer will appear In the box.
  6. Now you may release the button, and the video will be recorded. You can save the video or even post an Instagram story or post.

If you had fun using this cool Instagram filter, you could also share it with your friends via Insta DM.

Final Words

So, now you know where to find “Where Is Your Soulmate Filter” on Instagram. If you think our little guide will help you, you can share it with your pals. You will also find such other tutorials on our website.