Anilist is a website dedicated to anime and manga database. It has the world’s largest community created by an anime fan for anime fans all around the world. It is more like social media platform where users can register an account and they can make the lists of their favorite anime and manga collection with rating and reviews. Apart from making the quick and hassle-free catalog of their anime and manga collection, Anilist provides a platform to communicate with friends and other anime fans across the world and all the important news about the anime world. You can find everything about anime and manga on this community-based website.

There are several sites similar to Anilist such as MyAnimeList, 9anime, Crunchyroll, AnimePlanet, and many more but Anilist is one of a kind in this genre. It has more than 10 million visitors with over 130 million page views monthly. So basically, it offers a platform to all the anime fans that are passionate manga and anime series, to connect with each other in a meaningful way. Users can also add official links and other links to download and watch anime and manga online.

Why do I think Anilist is better than other similar websites?

Just like me, many anime fans all around the world are switching to Anilist leaving major platforms like MyAnimeList and many more. Here are some of my reasons to choose Anilist over MAL and other similar websites:

Anilist offers a great platform to customize your lists of anime and manga. As a hardcore anime and manga fan, I always wanted a more refined or I would rather say more accurate scoring than 1-10. Other offers no decimals. Anilist suffices this need by offering the features of scoring the anime or manga with decimals as well. It has various scoring options. Users can go from thumbs up and thumbs down system all the way up to the site calculating decimal scores or percentage based on a number of categories.

Other than that, Anilist offers better genre filtering feature that is way more specific than what other sites have to offer. The community of Anilist is less toxic that’s what I think seeing other sites’ community. Anilist provides a mobile app where users can easily have access to anime and manga news and information very quickly. AniTrend is one of the best features in Anilist mobile app where you can find all the latest news and trends about anime and manga.

Many users online are comparing MAL (myanimelist) with Anilist. I have used both platforms and I find Anilist over MAL. However, I still the scores and reviews from the MAL community more as Anilist have more of young users so it can be biased to the typical type of genre. The news and information on MAL can be more reliable and complete. So overall if you want a platform for personalization then I would recommend Anilist and for information, MAL is a great option where you don’t have to register an account.

Features of Anilist

Simple and easy to use – Anilist is simple and easy to use. Users can update their list faster and you can also put anime on rewatch.

Advanced Score Option – Anilist offers an advanced scoring option. Users can rate in five different categories including Art, Sound, Characters, and others. So when users rate them they have an average rating of anime. Users have different rating system including from 3/3, 5/5, 10/10, 10.0/10.0 to 100/100.

Clean UI – Anilist is new in the market so it has modern and clear UI.

Users can click the square option key on the Home page (top-right) to change how you see the “in progress” section.

You can create your personalized list for your anime and manga from List option showing in Settings.

Download Anilist Apps

This community-based site has several apps to offer which are dedicated to anime and manga information. You can easily download and install them on your iOS and Android smartphones. Extensions for browsers and client for desktops are also given on the site. You can download them from the link given here:

Final Words:

So this is how you can join one of the world’s best anime communities and share your favorites and ratings on the site. You can find everything that is going in the anime and manga world. If you are an anime fan then you should definitely join this anime community.