Long flights, car journeys and school lunches all require one thing: the latest game on your mobile. But how do you know it’s on trend? Firstly, if you’re not already an avid mobile gamer – you’re missing out. If you are, we’ve got a few suggestions that can help you keep up, because there won’t be a game like Pokémon Go or Flappy Bird again!

Despite video games bad reputation, playing them boost your intelligence. There are a number of variations of the classic casino game available for you to choose between. Not only are card games beneficial for any level user, they also encourage hand-eye co-ordination. Keeping up with the latest card video games is easy. Ladbrokes host over 5 variations of Blackjack and their 21 Card Games Video makes it even simpler to identify the difference between them.

If you prefer more classic games, then taking a look at the App Store on your mobile device can guide you. The ‘latest’ games may depend on the type of device you have. For example, not all mobile games are available on Android just yet but you may be able to find them online. However, since 2013 the most popular games are available across both softwares.

There are plenty of forums online to give you the low-down on what in right now too, such as GameSpot. GameSpot is one of the largest gamer communities around. Not only are their forums made up of friendly and accommodating members, its convenient search navigation makes finding what you’re looking for even easier. Take advantage and converse with players similar to yourself to discuss what games they enjoy, and those you could too. Similarly, finding out what your friends enjoy playing may help you identify new games on the market quickly.

Another way to keep up with the latest games on your mobile includes referring back to game pages. For example, if you’ve seen an advertisement for an upcoming game (whether it is online or on mobile) on the TV, check out the release date by googling it online. That way, you might be able to pre-order it and set it to download to your device as soon as it hits the shelves. If you don’t want to pre-order them, there are plenty of reviews available to watch on YouTube. Understanding what the game is about, what it involves and how others felt playing it will help you decide if it’s a game for you.

Some of the most popular games 2017 seen so far include Pokémon Go, Crossy Road and Super Mario Run. One key trend over the past year has been “freemium” games. Despite being free to download and play, some games require you to make in-app purchases. This may be mandatory to pass a certain level or optional. Some options may include purchasing additional coins/gem or packages.

With so many new games being released on a weekly basis, no wonder we find it difficult to keep up! Keeping up with the latest games on your mobile can be made easier. Simply discussing your favourite games with you friends is a great start. If not, game sites and forums can keep you in the loop.

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