It’s certainly not easy to make is as a successful DJ, especially because the market has become extremely competitive over the past couple of years. There is so much that goes into being about to get yourself noticed, not only on a marketing level but also for your skills.

There are some basics that every DJ has to have when getting his or her name out there. The most important being having your own website, and if you know nothing about this, then you need to read more about how to make a DJ website so that you can do it right, and stand out. There also has to be a noticeable social media presence, and of course, word of mouth certainly helps every time you land a gig.

There’s no point in getting the word out there though if you’re not on top of your game when it comes to skills. With the emergence of technology, more and more skill sets are being introduced into the world of music production, and it all really comes down to the equipment you use and what kind of features they have. So what’s the latest and why are they so impressive?


Model 1

This mixer was designed by people who have been in the DJing industry for a long time, so it’s pretty much the best on the market. The Model 1 mixer has a lot of features in it that make it extremely convenient for a DJ to perform, as well as produce.

The output works well with any kind of sound system, and it caters to cutting and boosting through its sculpting EQ. It’s also great for mixing and has dual headphone ports so that transitions and mixing can be done with precision.

More and more DJ’s are venturing into performing live sets, and the Model 1 is a worthy piece of equipment that caters to the needs of a well-performed live set.


Ableton is a software that’s been around for a while but has become a staple in DJing culture. There are course given to get newcomers familiar with the software because it really does offer limitless options. Ableton Live 9, in particular, offers some crazy features, and we expect them to only get better with each model of the software that is released.

The beauty of Ableton is that makes the prospect of producing music available to literally anyone. It can either be used as a standalone means to produce or is also compatible with any kind of equipment to create amazing tunes and records. It allows DJs to produce, mix and create all kinds of new sounds and projects, regardless of their level of expertise.


Stems is an innovative and amazing form of software that is precise and effective. It allows you to take a track and literally take all the pieces apart. As a DJ this is heaven sent because not only can you isolate the components of a track, but you can alter it as much as you like, with a variety of options and features. It is an open file format, which pretty much means that it is compatible with all kinds of gear and equipment, leaving the playing field wide open for you to explore in terms of mixing and playing with sounds.

Tracktor Kontrol S8

There really is no point in having an amazing piece of software without ensuring that you have the right kind controller to give you epic output. The Tracktor controller allows you to play with Stems in such a way that is smooth and really helps you feel like you’re in control. The controller allows you to fade, which is essential when making transitions, and it also gives you the option of fading with each aspect, such as the bass, drums, and so on, individually.  What’s special about this model is that you can link it with software or with a turntable, which makes it versatile and exciting to use.

Rekord Box

This technology is groundbreaking in the world of DJing because even though it’s not that new, it would be hard to be without one because of how efficient and convenient it is. This is what you need to really bring your set together.

The Rekord Box allows you to analyze and record your tracks, and give them labels as well as create playlists so that you’re ready to go when it’s time to have a gig. You have the option of preparing your tracks and also using loops to ensure a smooth transition.

Drum Machine Technology

Electronic drum machines are a must for any DJ, because what are you without drums? They come in handy for creating beats. The Toraiz SP-16, in particular, is a very impressive piece of equipment. It is a drum machine and sequencer all in one. It’s compatible with a number of controllers, and is easily syncable with your tracks as well.


DJ mixing and producing technology is something that is consistently on the rise because it is run by a group of people that are passionate about their trade, and only want to keep creating new and exciting possibilities in the world of music. By having equipment and software that allows a DJ to do more, they in turn, are able to widen their scope and better their DJing skills. The important thing is that they are familiar with the basics of music production and mixing so that they are able to contribute to having new ideas for technology that can take their capabilities to the next level. It is certainly a booming business and is one that has created a lot of buzz and excitement in the world of technology because the merging of equipment and software is creating new possibilities in creating sounds and mixes that have never been done before, and the scope of experimentation is limitless when it comes to the expression of music through DJing, so be sure to check out the items we’ve mentioned here and kept your eyes open for new technologies as well.


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