You might be wondering how some shoes that you have searched on Google and watched on Amazon are chasing on every site that you visit for the next few days. It’s all because search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep all the information about all of your searches and make money out of it by selling you the ads. So if you don’t want any search engine to track your searches and other activity then you should use the private search engine that doesn’t track any of your searches, location, IP address, and others. IxQuick is one of such private search engine that doesn’t track your information.

In this article, we want to talk a little bit about search engine alternatives of ixquick. One of the primary ones a lot of people are using right now Google, Bing, and some people use Yahoo but it’s basically the same thing as Bing. Ixquick, that is known as Startpage now, is one of the most private search engines and one of the alternatives to using search engines like Bing and Google and even better than them because of privacy. We feel that a lot of end-users really don’t get to see where their data is being used. So first let’s find out what is IxQuick and how it works.



IxQuick is really interesting because this one follows the same kind of guideline DuckDuckGo and other similar private search engines. It keeps no information, doesn’t track your cookies, IP address, nothing. But what’s special about this is that this one actually returns searches through Google. So when you type in anything for instance, Facebook and what you’ll notice that IxQuick is actually taking your search throwing it at Google, Google’s generating this information back so this is an identical Google search with only difference is your IP address is not being tracked, your cookies are not being followed, and it’s not being logged inside of your Google account. So if you’re looking for an alternative to Google and you want something that’s going to still give you the same result as Google but not track you this is probably the next best thing. From our testing that we’ve been doing so far this one is giving much closer results to Google since it pretty much is Google results. Startpage is another side of IxQuick. It is actually made by company IxQuick so essentially what this is doing the same privacy settings and everything else so you don’t need to worry about cookies, tracking IP addresses all that. The reason why this one is a little different is that they’ve changed the algorithm or the way that they display search results. So, this one just gives you just a little different search result when you actually go through searching.

The reason why we are putting this in here is that you never know when you’re going to want a different algorithm when it comes to search results. Searching the web can sometimes be really difficult depending on what you’re searching for and it always helps to have another page even if it’s by the same company if the search results are set up differently, who knows you might be able to find using this page instead of the IxQuick. So, that’s the Startpage or rather says IxQuick.

So we want to go over search engine alternatives that you can use to protect your privacy. Let’s get into it:


This is probably the most well-known alternative search engine and it’s mainly used for privacy. This is the big reason why you know DuckDuckGo is pushed so much. It is one of the best alternatives to Ixquick. Search engines like Google, curate your data which means say they take the data from the end-user from you guys and they take into a big machine and they try to figure out what websites are legit what websites are bad. That’s what kind of makes Google’s search results so good as to know what you’re searching for because they take all that data and they combine it together. Unfortunately, though, that means they’re saving your search searches so at any point in time. If there is a subpoena, the government could come in and they could pull all of your searches and this is a huge fear that a lot of people have.

They don’t really know how they feel if they feel too comfortable with knowing that the searches they do on the internet they would assume would be anonymous aren’t. So DuckDuckGo is probably the best place where people end up switching to because they want to keep their searches anonymous and DuckDuckGo is really good at keeping everything in the clear. Now when you actually go to their page you can tell right from the get-go it’s no different than a Google page. It’s extremely clean there are no ads or anything like that.

If you want to search for Facebook you’re going to notice it looks almost identical to any other search like Google you’re going to get the top up here which is just kind of giving you the overview some wiki articles. You’re going to get a sponsored link search right here which is the same thing Google does and then you’re going to have your official page right here which would be the same no matter what.


Blekko is one that it’s definitely not on the same page when it comes to privacy stuff like duck DuckDuckGo and IxQuick but it’s still an alternative to using you know Bing, Google, and iXQuick. It’s got the same look and feels on the home page so it’s not cluttered down by much or anything. Doing a search really quick what you notice is there are a few things that we noticed right from the get-go that we definitely were kind of hesitant on and that’s one it already shows us our location. Although that’s great in some circumstances in this particular one, we don’t want that. If it’s showing us our location that we know it’s capturing our IP address and our information and that’s already kind of a red flag when we’re doing privacy concerns on search engines.

Now, what makes this one a little different is that it does collect your personal information but at the same token it deletes it within 48 hours compared to Google, they don’t delete your information up to nine months so 48 hours is good. But on the same token, it’s just kind of all what you’re wanting out of it so you kind of has to compare them yourself but when it comes to search results we’re getting pretty much the same search results we with IxQuick. It looks like it’s pretty much giving us back exactly what Google would. So in that token, it works really well and if you’re okay with them having your data for 48 hours just go for it.

The last one we got for you guys is the Ask page and believe it or not the Ask page is really not that bad. It could be another alternative to IxQuick. The biggest reason why we are putting this in here is that most of you guys probably already know about as it is one of the popular private search engines. However, it is not popular these days but we can’t ignore the new features they have added recently that allow you to erase your data. Just open the main page of the site and you will notice that it is not different than most of the other search engines. If you type on Facebook then you’ll see search results are for the most part about the same. We feel like it’s a little bit more cluttered, there’s way more stuff going on and it does still track your information. But that brings us to the actual reason why we are listing it here is that it actually has an eraser. Once again, this still comes down to personal preference so you guys have to decide if having just ask erase is enough or if you want to use the other services that don’t track anything. We just want to put it in here because it’s another option and at least ask gives you guys the option to actually erase your searches. So that’s still something you got to give them props for that.

Finally Words:

So these are the alternatives of IxQuick that you can use when it comes to search engines if you’re guys are concerned about your privacy. Now hopefully we’ve covered enough for you in the article and if you have more questions about how these search engines track your information or why they track it or anything of those concerns, please let us know in the comments below. We love talking to our reader and security is our biggest thing here at mobupdates. So share this post with your friends and family to let them know how other search engines track your information but they can use these search engines as the best alternatives to Google, Bingo, and Yahoo.

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