, reading the name of this site you can tell that this site is about football icon Cristiano Ronaldo and all about the soccer world. This site is dedicated to one only Ronaldo and offers various interesting things about him. On its homepage, you can find the photo of Ronaldo with multiple categories.

Among the many categories on the site, biography, girlfriends, salary, and gallery are exclusively for the life and information of Cristiano Ronaldo. Other options include news, stats, videos, schedule, live, and others. Here, if you want to know the upcoming important soccer matches then you can check them out in the schedule section. In the ‘live’ section, you can stream live football matches. This live soccer game may include or not include Ronaldo but the feed will available only if there is any match. But doesn’t host live feed on its servers but it redirects you to the other sites.

If you are looking for the site that directly provides you the live streaming of football and other sports game, sites where you can watch live sports TV channels for free then, here we are going to tell you the best alternatives to stream live sports free in 2021.


Top Alternatives to 2021

These are free sites are dedicated to free sports streaming and you can watch live sports TV channels here. Check these sites and tell us which one you think is the best alternative to watch football online for free.


Stream2watch is a wholesome free sports streaming website and it is the best free site to watch live sports online for free. If you are looking for the best similar sites like ronaldo7 net then stream2watch is definitely one of the best sites. You can watch live football and it also allows you to watch several live sports TV channels on its site. The site is really simple and easy to use. You just have to create an account here and you are ready to go. It is free so you may have to encounter a few ads before the playback but they are negligible.

Just select any sports event or find any TV channel and you will be able to stream sports online without paying a penny. It has some really amazing features and that is why we have put the site at the top of our list of ronaldo7 net alternatives 2021.

FirstRowSports or P2P4U

Both the sites are identically similar but they are distinctively different in providing several games streaming. On the page of P2P4U, you will find that FirstRowSports is a real gem to watch and stream live sports TV and sports games. If you are a big soccer fan then this site has got some cool features for it on its homepage.

Basically, FirstRowSports is the main site that offers all the big and multiple sports games along with many sports TV channels for live streaming while P2P4U is said to be the FirstRowSports lite as describer on its homepage. So if you are looking for alternatives to then this could be your best site to watch soccer games for free.


Many website reviewers believe that VIPLeague is undoubtedly the top website to watch free sites sports events and stream live sports TV channels online. Watching football for free online on VIPLeague is just the tip of the iceberg as this site has many other things offer and that is why it is one of the best alternatives to ronaldo7 net in 2021.

VIPLeague offers more than just free online football streaming. You don’t need to sign up to this site to enjoy other games. But if you want a hassle-free streaming experience then we suggest signing up to VIPLeague would be a good idea. That will open various barriers. So this is one of the best alternatives on the list.

Signing out…

These three sites are not only the best alternatives to ronaldo7 net but they are top free sports streaming websites as well. If you are looking for sites where you can watch all the sports events for free online then you should try these and tell us which one do you like the most. If you have other favorites then you can tell us about them in the comment box.