Have you entrusted your child with an iPhone or another type of smartphone? If you have or are intending to do so, you need to take caution before making that decision. The reason is that the Net has now become a fertile ground where predators are trying their luck to get victims for their dirty dealings. However, you can act proactively and install an iPhone tracker to secure your child against such heartless crooks. With such a tool in place, you will be better placed to know which sites your child visits and take corrective measures in time. Keep reading this post to learn more about this threatening menace.

Worrying Trends

But before proceeding, just how dangerous is this challenge? What evidence exists to prove that these crooks besiege our kids? In this section, we shall look at some of the worrying trends and figures available.  Here are some of the numbers these studies by Crimes Against Children Research Center, the Brookings Institution, and NSOPW present to us:

  • Twenty percent of all the American teenagers who spend time on the Net often receive inappropriate messages and requests. For instance, these kids receive words, images, and contacts from strange Web users
  • The sad side of the story is that only 25 out of every 100 children who go through these things are confident enough to share with their parents or other trusted adults about them
  • Out of all the kids whom online criminals target online, 77 percent are aged 14 years and above while the remaining are aged between 11 and 13 years
  • Last year alone (2016), one out of 33 teens suffered aggressive harassment. The extent of this bullying included phone calls, gifts, money, and requests to meet in real life
  • To cap it all, 25 percent of the girls who were interviewed were abused in some way online, and 1 out of 6 boys also faced the same abuse before reaching the age of 18.

Protective Steps

So, what should a parent do to keep kids from becoming a part of this statistics? Here are some of the measures you need to put in place to protect your children:

  • Talk and Listen Well

You need to explain to your kids the existence of predators, who they are, their tricks, and everything the child needs to do to keep off their hooks. It is necessary to teach your child to report all such advances from strangers.

  • Teach Them Online Safety

Also, you have to teach your child about online safety measures to implement when transacting on the Net. For example, you should train them on how to keep their passwords safe and why they should not disclose their details online.

  • Use an iPhone Tracker

Lastly, you have to use a tracker to know what your child goes through to take early corrective or preventive measures

What Makes Your Child More Vulnerable

Finally, watch out for any of these that could make your child vulnerable to online predator attacks.

  • Kids who are starved of attention and approval fall for anyone who tells them some kind words and gives them the attention they lack
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Rebellion
  • Confusion revolving around their identity
  • Inexperience in online safety issues.

You are now up to date with what you need to know about online predators and how an iPhone tracker can assist. The ball is in your court to act on time.

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