Have you purchased an instant pot? Are you searching for the best recipes that you can cook on your Instapot? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Using Instapot, you can make a wide number of recipes. Before we provide you the list of Android apps for Instapot recipes, you should know how to use an Instapot.

If you haven’t yet purchased an Instant Pot, go for it. After just using it for a few days, you will love it. But before purchasing, please check Instapot Reviews.


List of Best Android Apps for Instapot Recipes

1Copy Me That

Copy Me That is the most amazing app for Instapot recipes. The app combines three main things: recipe manager, shopping list, and a meal planner.  It allows adding recipes from any of the websites just in a single click. Also, you can add your own recipes. The app syncs details with all the devices, hence you can access from any device.

The app allows you to edit any part of the recipe anytime. Also, you can save recipe photos within the app. Arrange your collection of recipes via tags or use search tab to find a particular recipe. Using Copy Me That, you can plan meals ahead of the time.


Mealthy is one of the most awesome recipe apps. It consists of thousands of recipes and also tips for dietary needs and types. It also provides recipe videos, simply search recipe and browse, registration of the application, etc.

Important features of the app are as follows:

Vegetarian mode: If you don’t want to eat meat, then there is no issue. Select vegetarian mode and you can view some of the best vegan recipes.

Discover: Using search and browse feature, you can search any of the recipes. It allows to search recipes via diet, meal type, ingredient, etc. Make recipe based on your ingredients list, recipe guides, and tips to make your recipe tasty.

Videos: You can refer hundreds of video recipes to make delicious foods. If you have purchased a mealthy appliance and looking for a recipe, then watch these videos.

Recipe Box: Save your recipes into the recipe box and refer them later. Export the recipe’s ingredient’s list into the notes, then make a shopping list.

Sharing: You can easily share all the completed recipes with your friends and followers.

Appliances: If you have already upgraded your old Instapot to the Mealthy MultiPot, then it’s awesome. Now, register your appliance and discover best pressure cooker recipes.

Also, app provides tasty dinner recipe videos for free. Hence you can make favorite recipes for dinner using this app instantly.

3Instant Pot

Instant Pot is one of the best places to get tasty and healthy delicious recipes which are contributed by their partners and authorized and recommended cookbooks.

The app consists of a wide number of recipes. You will be able to search recipes by title, author, date, and name. You can also add recipes in favorites and refer them later. It provides 450+ tried and trusted recipes which you can cook in Instapot. Also, it provides various articles related to Instapot.

4Paleo Instant Pot recipes

Using this app, you will get some of the best instant pot paleo recipes with healthy ingredients. The app provides a list of recipes which are quite simple and easy to make.

Features of the app

  • – The app offers a simple and sleek user interface
  • – You can also make shopping recipe list and favorite recipe list
  • – Doesn’t require an internet connection for making recipes
  • – Share recipe instantly with your friends and followers
  • – It displays the total time required to cook a meal and amount of serving

5Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

The app provides a wide range of Instant Pot Chicken Recipes which you can cook your Instant Pot. Get all the chicken recipes in one app.

You can make any of the instant pot chicken recipes mentioned here into a pressure cooker or a smart cooker. Each recipe consists of a step-by-step process to make cooking easier.

Features of the app:

  • – Effective User Interface
  • – Share recipes directly from the app to your friends and family members
  • – Create favorite recipe list
  • – Filter out recipes with you don’t like

If you searching for an app, which works offline, then this is the app you need. It provides a wide number of chicken recipes which you can make for lunch or dinner.

6Instant Pot Smart Cooker

This is one of the best app provided by Instant Pot Community. The app works well with the Instant Pot Smart Cooker. You can connect the cooker with the Bluetooth and then control as well as monitor your cooker. The app offers a wide variety of food materials, cuisines, and techniques. It consists of traditional as well as modern recipes.

If you are curious about Instapot and want to write recipe scripts, then write it using 6 provided commands. These commands include temperature and pressure for specific time, heating to a particular temperature and pressure, etc. When your recipe is tested and proven, you can share it with your friends and followers.

Now, try any of the apps mentioned above and make the best Instapot recipes.