An essay is a text written in prose; the main difference to distinguish is that the essay represents the personal point of view of the author since he exposes his personal opinion on a particular topic, which can be philosophical, historical or scientific. The essays are organized into paragraphs and usually lack subtitles, since they are short works. The parts that an essay should have are an introduction, a development and a conclusion.

The trial can be classified as:

  • Critical
  • Philosophical.
  • Descriptive.
  • Expository.
  • Bibliographic.
  • Of argumentation.
  • Scientific.
  • Literary.


Some features of the trial:

For a text to be considered an essay, it must have the following aspects:

It is subjective:

The essay is subjective since it exposes the point of view of the author, that despite being based on an investigation, his opinion is not necessarily objective. The writing is presented more as a talk by the author with his readers and it is common to find quotes, anecdotes or personal experiences to support his opinion. The style used is very colloquial.

Short one:

The essay is not very extensive, although the extension can be variable, it is not voluminous work.

Without determined order:

The author does not carry an order; due to this the essay does not have subtitles, this is because the writer is free to take the subject to his convenience so there is no pre-established scheme of the work.

Free themes:

The themes that can be used in an essay are varied.

Aimed to the general public:

The author intends to disseminate the treated topic with a broad public and not only focus on a specialized one. This circumstance makes the essay a good instrument for scientific, technological or cultural dissemination.

The structure:

The distinctive structure of an essay consists of three parts that are:


A brief paragraph where the topic to be discussed and the objective of the essay is presented.


It is the essay itself, where the author presents his ideas and opinions on the subject.


The author presents some alternatives or his own conclusions regarding what he has just explained.

Critical Essay:

The critical essay is the questioning of facts or ideas that are in force, this type of essay can deal with historical or literary issues.

Philosophical Essay:

The philosophical essay, also known as reflective, is that in this the author develops ethical, moral or religious issues.

Bibliographic Essay:

Here the author expresses his opinion about himself.

Descriptive Essay:

The descriptive essay is that it deals with scientific subjects since through a descriptive essay the author explains with his own words new discoveries or topics of natural or abstract sciences.

Expositive Essay:

Is one in which the author briefly exposes their ideas and explaining in their own words the subject of which is spoken.

Argumentation Essay:

This type of essay is used when the author requires refuting a thesis including the different arguments that are used to justify their disagreement.

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