Storytelling happens in a lot of ways, and that includes video games. Gaming is continually growing as esports is exploding with popularity. Movies are another form of storytelling, and sometimes play off one another with video games.

Gaming’s growth, in part, is due to streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. The great part of video games is there is something for everyone, whether sports picks like MLB The Show, Madden, FIFA, NHL, PGA, and many more; or first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many others.

But as technology and video gaming evolve, creators are taking a page out of movie writers’ books: They are turning back the clock. The film industry has found great success in sequels, prequels, and presenting stories with the same characters in different ways. It’s no different in video games, and here are several ways how.


Content Program

MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty gameplay offers several ways to turn back the clock. In addition to bringing legendary players to life, the game focuses on the content of those past stars, offering key moments from their careers that allow gamers to have those throwback experiences.

The game’s developers also dip into the bag of archives. Some streamers of the game were seen playing the 2020 edition in preparation for an old program coming to the 2022 version of the game. A fun and exciting program that is challenging to players and something they remember from the past and were excited to have back is a great way to keep the consumer base’s attention.


Whole games will sometimes be redeveloped in a “remastered” series. Call of Duty made this popular with its Modern Warfare campaign. It had such success that they are recreating Modern Warfare II, one of the most successful titles in video gaming history.

It will both bring in a new grouping of gamers and likely bring back older generations who were in school when the original game dropped. It’s potentially the most anticipated game, with so many memorable maps that have appeared – speaking of tapping into old content – in other iterations of Call of Duty.

Not only that but Warzone 2 is coming in spring 2023. The battle royale style game that has become popular with aforementioned competitors Fortnite and Apex Legends will have a lot of anticipation as players have leveled up their guns for several months in Modern Warfare II.

Many players have not enjoyed the new map of Caldera after Verdansk was retired. There were also several changes to rebirth, a quicker battle royale game mode, that gamers weren’t keen on.

Game Mode Offerings

Some titles have varied their offerings for specific anniversaries. That has included throwbacks in NHL to the original modes, which were simplified to a few simple buttons which are especially great for handheld gaming with Gameboys.

The MLB game will offer the same controls but throw it back with the vintage presentation, either in black and white or score bugs with limited information or stats that only show up in specific moments as was common in television broadcasts when those legendary players played.


Technology is continuing to evolve and the launch of next-gen consoles has yet to fully unlock the potential of gaming. The exclusivity of the Xbox Series X or S and that of competitor Sony with the PlayStation 5 has disappointed gamers. But it has also been rather disappointing as the next-gen mechanics, updated graphics and other anticipated features have yet to be delivered.

That is slowly changing. As titles began focusing on developing games for next-gen consoles, gamers can expect more from them. The same can be said for vintage games making a return. As older consoles become storage items stowed away and taking up space in mom’s basement, remastering games and unlocking those childhood memories is going to become important for the longevity and the consumer base these titles and consoles seek.

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