Looking for the how to connect Keyboard & Mouse to your Android device? Then here I will show you some right hardware that easy to connect and use it on your android smartphone.

How to Connect Keyboard & Mouse to Android

How to Connect Keyboard & Mouse to Android

Choice 1: On-the-Go Cable Connection

Note: the choice one will only work if your device supports On-the-Go (OTG) connections. Most newly Android devices do support OTG connection.

Step 1: First off, you need to Purchase an On-the-Go (OTG) hub (USB-C Model or Micro-USB Model). if you wish to connect a mouse and keyboard to your Android altogether. If you’re only connecting one device and your Android has a USB-C port, you can purchase a USB-C to USB OTG cable. Also to micro-USB models are here to buy.

How to Connect Keyboard & Mouse to Android

Step 2: Next, The Connect a USB keyboard and/or mouse to the hub or cable, after that connect the hub or cable to your android phone.

That’s it.

Now you have a use almost all USB Keyboard and Mouse that everything built in Android OS.

Choice 2: Bluetooth Connection

If your Android phone is running Android OS 3.0 or higher, then you can find and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Just enable power button on the keyboard or mouse, at that time have a look under “Settings” > “Bluetooth” on your Android device and pair with the keyboard and/or mouse like you would any other Bluetooth device.

Now your Android device converted into the portable laptop, you can connect anywhere and anytime.