Starting your company and selling your products or services is a great step in entering the business world. It is not going to be easy because you are going to start from scratch, not unless you have previous experiences. Making sure that your customers are always satisfied with your products is one of the most important things that you need to put on top of your list.

Their satisfaction and comfort will keep your business running and make your business successful. To have this, you must provide products and services that have great qualities. You must fix any problems that arise, and one way to keep track of the customers’ compliments and demands is by getting their reviews. Here are some ways on how to make your customers responsive and give reviews to your products or services.


1.  Reward Your Customers

You can entice a customer to give a review by giving them something in exchange for their time and effort. You can reward them with a discount card that they can use when they come again to purchase your product. The card will even encourage them to come back to your store and avail more of what you are selling.

You can also give them free items. It is not necessary to give them the exact product that you are selling, but a sample will do. For example, when you are selling organic shampoos and soaps, you can ask your customer to drop a review and give a sample of a product that he has not tried buying yet. Giving the customer a sample product will also encourage him to buy more if he is satisfied with it.

2.  Tell them that it is for Improvement

You can tell your customer that the review they will make can improve your performance, services, and the products that you are selling. Their reviews will allow you to see what you need to work on. For example, if you are running a restaurant, your customers can leave a review of the food, the staff, the place, and the service. You must inform them that they can put their observations and suggestions.

3.  Offer great services

Having great employees or staff combined with good products will surely make your customers happy. The customers who are happy about your services always want to express their satisfaction. They believe that they must inform you and other people that what you are doing is something a person must try to avail or buy.

4.  Use review gathering software

Using a review gathering software assures you that it will collect authentic reviews and puts it in one place. This feature makes it easier for you to respond to your customers and read their feedback. Most businesses choose review gathering software that offers VOIP options because they are more convenient for business. If you are planning to use software like this, you must make sure that you avail of software that will help you keep your customer.

5.  Conduct a survey

To get reviews, you can survey in the old fashioned way. You can print-out papers asking about your customer’s experience with your service. It can be a multiple-choice question or check-cross the box type. Ask if your customers are satisfied in different areas and provide the choices of not satisfied, satisfied, and very satisfied. At the end of the questionnaire, you can put a box or a few lines where they can put their suggestions for improvement.

6.  Email your customers

Some businesses that deal with customers online can ask for review via email. You can send a thank you email that informs them of your gratitude on availing your product and services with a favor asking them to make a review. You can attach the document they can fill-out, or you can also put the link that will direct them to your review page. Making the review easy for your customer will prevent them from thinking that it will be too much work for them.

Gathering reviews is important because you can figure out ways to keep your business afloat. You must keep an eye on negative reviews and make sure that you respond to them about doing your best to avoid and prevent the same problem from happening again. Deliver your promises to your customers. If you say that you will do something, do it. In the business world, the number one thing that you must avoid is a customer complaining about your service and product because it can ruin your reputation and reliability.