Card games like solitaire are among the classic entertainment games to ease boredom. The best solitaire app can relieve you from a day’s work. Many call solitaire a traditional game, as many elders play the game.

Solitaire is a simple game, yet it is tricky to master. Many elders will argue that solitaire is a game perfected through an extensive gaming experience. The game is more than just stacking cards and color-coding them. You have to stack them in descending order of red-black combination.

Many people love to play solitaire, especially the oldies. That is because of the following ten benefits:



Playing a good solitaire game can ease your mind. Many people play solitaire because it helps them to relax.

Playing solitaire is like a form of meditation that dilutes stress. It enables your brain to work but does not strain it too much.

Many elderly would say that solitaire is a game to stimulate their minds. The game does not require much logical thought. You only need to know the basic rules, and you can enjoy the game.


Playing solitaire is fun when you do not have the means to leave your home anymore. It can remove your boredom and keep you entertained even when you are old.

The game is low risk as you do not need to bet something. Thus, losing a round will not be so frustrating. Also, one wrong move cannot determine the whole game. You can still turn the tables and win the gaming round.

Completing the orderly stacking of cards is fulfilling.

It improves your memory.

Solitaire can help in memory improvement. Playing solitaire in a short period of a day can help you grow your memory.

Solitaire keeps elderly minds clear and sharp. There are studies linking playing solitaire as a game to mitigate the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Most card games improve concentration for many elderly. Further, learning and mastering the game will not strain elders.

You do not need to have memory skills to play solitaire. Playing it will be subtle as counting numbers.

Alone time

Solitaire is a good game when you are alone. You will only need a stack of cards to begin the game.

You can play solitaire while reflecting on yourself. Having alone time to do self-reflection is essential in building up your good mental health. It is your time alone when you can process your thoughts properly.

You can use the time alone playing solitaire as a form of meditation. In playing solitaire, you can wash out worries and remove your mental stress.

Increases mental alertness

Mental health is among the essential health elements that you need to nourish. When you have good mental health, you have a good sense of alertness.

Mental alertness is necessary as it can help in making decisions. It keeps your thoughts clear and organized. A sound mind is a great thing to have, even if you are getting old.

Unlike any other card game, solitaire is a more easy-to-play game. It can stimulate brain activity that can induce mental alertness. Playing solitaire can increase your productivity levels and concentration.

Relieve stress

Stress is an emotional factor that can affect your day negatively. It can harm your decisions and put you in bad shape.

For instance, a day’s work can be very stressful. A game or two of solitaire can calm and soothe your body. Solitaire puts your mind in a meditative state, helping you to relieve stress.

Mental stress in an elderly age is hard to contain. Reduce mental distress by playing solitaire. It can be a game-time that can alleviate your anxiety. It can also change your mood positively.

Loosening up

Having fun and letting loose is something hard to do sometimes. Playing solitaire is a non-pressure way to have fun. Even with old age, you should make ways to do fun things.

Other card games can be stressful for you to play. These games may require strategic skills. With solitaire games, you can ensure every fun you can get.

Develop your strategic thinking skills

Card games like solitaire are one of the exercises you can do to enhance your strategic thinking skills. The game pushes you to focus on every move you will do. Although generally, the game is not hard to play, you will need a strategy to have a winning streak.

Further, as you advance to the latter part of a round, you will get to think more about your next move. This way, you can ensure yourself not lose the round.

Playing solitaire will be a good training ground for you to develop critical thinking skills. You can try playing it after breakfast to prepare and exercise your mind.

It helps you to be patient.

A solitaire game round can usually last from three to ten minutes. You can finish the solitaire depending on how well you play your cards.

As the game gives you an unpredictable tableau of cards, you will have to be patient and skillful towards the game. Solitaire trains you that a bad start does not determine how the game will end. Or a good start does not mean that you will win the round.

Solitaire needs a perfect strategy in every movement of your cards. One wrong move can upset the next draw of your card. Thus, it might cause you to lose the round.

Learn about cards

One way you can learn about cards is by playing them. If you want to be a master of any card game, you can try starting with one of the basic card games, which is solitaire.

Solitaire is one of the classic card games that can help you to learn cards fast. Who says the elderly can no longer want to know about cards?

You will be using a deck of cards for every round. You play a solitaire round by stacking cards alternately. Then you will arrange it with their colors in chronological but descending order. You will begin with your aces and finish with your king. The goal is to make a foundation of all cards of clover, spades, hearts, and diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Solitaire existed for quite a while now. The old and the young enjoy the game despite the difference in ages. The game has the same rules that are easy to understand. It is the reason why solitaire is a great game to help you relax your mind.

Solitaire is a recreational game. You can play it alone or with your friends. The game allows you to enjoy and have a good time, like solving a puzzle.

With this article, you can better understand the meaning behind your playing solitaire and how it can directly or indirectly help you – even when your age stresses you out.

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