Here, I explain to PokeRadar Iphone App for Pokémon Go and now you are been playing a lot of Pokémon Go and you are probably tired of catching the same for Pokémon in your neighborhood. The PokeRadar map and iPhone app help you find the rest of them so you can complete your collection that is best all time use for this PokeRadar App.

Now you search for rare Pokémon anywhere in the world and the map is powered by the Pokémon Go community and it is possible for trolls to drop rare Pokémon all over the place. Running both apps on your phone at the same time is sure to drain serious battery and you can use the map in your browser or download the iPhone PokeRadar app in the iOS store.

Poke Radar for Pokémon GO is an assistant app for discovering the location of any Pokémon that’s been found by other players.

PokeRadar: Find Pokémon Location Easy

Now you are disappointed to have not been able to capture a lot of Pokémon’s but now you should give Poke Radar, It helps you discover the location of any Pokémon which has been found by other players that is work for Poke Radar App.

Poke Radar able to view all the near Pokémon’s which have been found in your area on the map and best thing is that you can view even the time when they were caught along with the trainer who found them that is best all time.

PokeRadar iPhone App for Pokémon Go

Step 1: Download Poke Radar App.

Step 2: Install App in your iPhone.

Step 3: After Tap on Filter from Right side.

Step 4: After Need to choose the particular Pokémon.

Step 5: After location you are trying to find on Submit.

Step 6: After see Pokémon on the Map.

Step 7: Tap on “I” button next to Pokémon.

Step 8: After you will see the name of the trainer who found the Pokémon.

Step 9: Also you can also get direction to reach the Pokémon.

Step 10: Done.

Now, locations of Pokémon which you have found to help others in your area and other thing to your trainer name will be associated with the Pokémon locations you have marked that are best all time.

Poke Radar is the real spice for Pokémon Go and makes it easy to find Pokémon after then PokeRadar is the best for you. Now completed guide for PokeRadar iPhone App for Pokémon Go and you read above guide very helpful for you.

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