Suppose you type a detailed message to someone covering all essential details and press enters to send it. But all of a sudden, you get the pop-up saying – Android Invalid Destination Address. Wondering what is this error and how you can resolve it? Well then, you have entered the rightmost place to eliminate this query.

Texting has become an integral part of our lives as we rely on this functionality more than we’ve ever imagined. However, it’s also part of technology, thus prone to errors and glitches. Hence, to help you out, we have identified the problem from the inside out and mentioned a guide covering all information about the error. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Android Invalid Destination Address – A Brief Introduction to the Error!!

Texting and communication go hand in hand, as people nowadays prefer messages way more than calls and other mediums. But what if your message is not delivered and returns the Android Invalid Destination Address error? Sounds frustrating?? Indeed, it it. So, before we go deep down into the solutions to resolve the trouble, let’s find out what this error actually means.

As the name suggests, the error mainly indicates that your message isn’t delivered to the recipient owing to the wrong address or number. It generally occurs when you manually type the number and make a typo mistake when sending the message. In addition, the error sometimes occurs when the receiver’s phone is switched off or out of service. In that case, you can try sending the messages later or consider another number.

Lastly, an Android Invalid Destination Address error appears when your phone doesn’t have enough balance to send a message, or your phone may not be eligible to send a message to the recipient’s phone carrier. While this situation is the rarest of the rare, you cannot overlook it.

The 5 Best Solutions to Fix the Android Invalid Destination Address Error

Now that you are aware of the reason behind the error, it’s time to unveil some solutions to fix the trouble as soon as possible. Here’s a quick rundown of the five practical methods that help you fix the error in the least possible time. Follow them sequence-wise and send your messages again.

1.      Force Stop the Message App

The simplest way to get the app working again is to force-stop it and see if this hack resolves your problem. Sometimes, the app faces a minor bug, owing to which it may not be working properly. Hence, you should stop and restart the app to fix the Android Invalid Destination Address error. Here’s how to do so.

  • Open the Settings app and click Apps & Notifications.
  • Under this section, locate the Message app and then tap the Force Stop button. Once done, restart your app and try sending the message to check if the error is resolved.

2.      Restart the phone

If force-stopping the messaging app doesn’t produce any results, then worry not and try restarting your phone. It simply removes the technical bug, if any, and fixes the wrong destination address error. Users can either restart the phone by shutting it down or using airplane mode. Pick the option you feel like and instantly reset your phone’s network connection.

3.      Check your SMS Plan

Wait, have you checked your SMS plan yet? Sometimes, the Android Invalid Destination Address error appears when you run out of the SMS pack. Hence, before moving to more complex solutions, make sure you check your plan and purchase credits, if necessary.

To check whether your SMS plan is active, simply contact your wireless carrier or visit their website. If you run out of the plan, then pick the preferred option and activate it before continuing.

4.      Enable the permissions for the Message App

The error can also appear when some app permissions are restricted. Hence, to avoid trouble, ensure you enable all app permissions to avoid any hindrances. Follow the instructions to carry out the process.

  • Open Settings and locate the Apps tab.
  • Select the Message app from the list and enable the Send SMS permission.
  • Relaunch the app on your phone and check if it resolves the error.

5.      Contact Customer Service

If you are done with all methods listed above but still facing trouble, then don’t lose your calm and connect with customer service to check the exact issue. The customer support executives will check everything about your phone and the recipient’s carrier and let you know why the error is. You can seek their support to eliminate the trouble for good.


That’s all about it. We hope our research will quickly help you solve the Android Invalid Destination Address error. It’s no secret that communication these days mainly depends on texting; hence, you should try to fix the error as early as possible to continue using the services. For more such information, you can stay tuned with us.