The AR stickers have to come in google pixel devices a few days ago, let’s show you these stickers,  how to use these AR stickers on different android devices One Plus 3/3T and Xiaomi Mi 5. Here we will show you all guide that very helps you.

The stickers are simply for a user to place 3D objects inside the camera’s viewfinder. They are fun to play with different actions and frames, but unfortunately, this update is exclusive to Google Pixel Smartphones. So, that doesn’t mean it cannot be brought to other devices. Just we help you to some little bit of tweaking, also to you can bring these stickers to rooted Nexus 6P. You can also enable it to run on other non-Google devices. Thanks to the older Member of XDA, Mrniva8G2 for this workaround. That can give fully of instruction that easy to get and install AR stickers on OnePlus 3/3T and Xiaomi Mi 5.

Steps for install AR stickers on OnePlus 3/3T and Xiaomi Mi 5

While I haven’t individually tested this yet, there is a video showing that it works perfectly on Xiaomi Mi 5. And, also I have research that on some technical guides that proof it can work properly and more than a few users on XDA forums have reported that it works fine on one plus 3 and 3T too. Follow the steps below to enable AR stickers on One Plus 3/3T and Xiaomi Mi 5.

  1. First, we need to Download and install the ARCore and AR Stickers app. They will be marked incompatible in the Google Play Store.
  2. Now you need to Download calibration_cad.xml file here.
  3. And next to Install any root explorer from the Google Play Store. I recommend Solid Explorer as it is really easy and powerful to use.
  4. Then after Go to the folder where you’ve downloaded camibration_cad.xml file and move it to /system/etc.
  5. Now Install BuildProp Editor from the Google Plays Store here.
  6. Open the app and add the following linero.config.calibration_cad=/system/etc/calibration_cad.xml
  7. Now, Install the modified Google Camera. Any will work fine.
  8. Open the camera app and you’ll find AR Stickers on the menu.

That’s it,

Now successfully done all the steps, only the Star Wars and Stranger Things AR sticker are available. Have fun playing with them. This method may work on other non-Google devices if you have the calibration_cad.xml file for that specific device. Search on the device’s XDA page to see if a developer has gotten it working on your device.