Google has finally released the great awaited AR Stickers for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 devices. The new feature lets you create great videos and stories with AR characters and things. The company first showcased AR Stickers at the start of the event for Google Pixel 2 but is releasing it to the sufficient only now.

The Google’s AR Stickers don’t approach as a standalone app on your Pixel device. As a replacement for, the feature is handily placed into your phone’s camera app where it’s easy to get to from the slide-in hamburger menu. The once-over currently comes with following 5 AR Sticker packs:

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Foodmoji
    └ Created by Google.
  • Text
    └ Created by Google.
  • Blocks
    └ Created by Google.
  • Stranger Things
    └ Created by Netflix.

How to use AR Stickers on Pixel phones

Note: You must have running Android 8.1 Oreo to be capable to install/use AR Stickers on your Pixel phone. Google has released Android 8.1 lately to all supported Pixel and Nexus phones, if you haven’t time-honored any update yet on your Pixel phone, Beginning over to Settings » System » System update » and tap on Check for update text to download and install Android 8.1 update. On the other hand, you also download Android 8.1 Oreo OTA and system images from our Android Oreo download page.

  1. First Off Download the AR Core and AR Stickers app update from Play Store.
  2. Open the Camera app on your Pixel phone.
  3. Touch the hamburger menu at top-right and select AR Stickers from there.How to use AR Stickers on Google Pixel Android Phone
  4. Setup your augmented reality space by moving the camera in a clockwise circle around the area where you want to play with the AR characters.
  5. Pick an AR Character and drop it into the Augmented playground you just created.
    └ AR Sticker packs are in the first row and AR characters and stuff are on the second row on your camera screen.AR-Stickers-Pixel-phone
  6. You can drop multiple AR characters into the same ground. Some of these characters even interact with each other.AR-Stickers-talking-to-each-other
  7. Once you’re done setting up your augmented space with AR Stickers of your choice, hit the recording button or the camera shutter to capture the scene.

Tip: To remove an AR sticker from the landscape, touch and hold the sticker and drag it towards the notification panel on your phone. To delete all AR stickers from the screen, tap on the dustbin icon on the screen.


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