Beelink S1 Mini PC coupon code, Promotion Price

The great deals in the, if you need to buy any accessories or any product then it’s time get a very exiting offers and coupon codes here we can discussed about the  Beelink S1 Mini PC, as the Chinese online retailer Gearbest is offering coupons on some really interesting super compact PCs. They are all from the company Beelink, which if you are into TV boxes you, should know very well. So, let’s see how much we can save on each of these devices!

Mini-PCs are ability a flow in popularity. With unexpected density and availability, they can show off a full range of new communication tools, a full “desktop” operating system and a suitably high power for most everyday tasks, including Internet surfing, work in office applications and watch high-definition video. These are real full-fledged PCs, which are contra-indicated only by two types of use – 3D games of the latest generation and specially resource-intensive programs, for example, for creating and editing 3D graphics or high-definition video.

Beelink S1 Mini PC At Just 199.99$

Beelink S1 Mini PC coupon code, Promotion Price We shall begin with the cheaper Beelink S1 Mini PC, the device is powered by an Intel Apollo N3450 CPU paired with 4GB of RAM and 32GB (or 64GB) of internal storage. The Mini PC comes with WiFi 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, Bluetooth 4.0 and a fast 1000mbps port.

You can save $20 on the Beelink S1 Mini PC 32GB version with the Coupon code: GBS14, Promotion Price (just 199.99$), otherwise use coupon code GBS14 on the 64GB storage variant ($229.99). the time limit : 26th July to 31st Aug

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Buy Beelink S1 Mini PC for $199.99 [Coupon Code: GBS14]
Time: 26th July to 31st Aug
quantity: 50