Since the release of OnePlus’s latest beast smartphone “OnePlus 7 Pro”, everyone is talking about the giant edge-to-edge display of the device as it looks amazing just like Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices. As the sale has been already started on Amazon, you also ought to take care of 6.67 inches Fluid AMOLED Display with some best OnePlus 7 Pro screen protectors.

After reviewing the complete device, here we have come with some the best screen guards for OnePlus 7 pro. So, you can choose the best tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus 7 pro from this list and provide the best protection to your beloved device. Without further ado, let’s check out the list of best OnePlus 7 Pro screen protectors!

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Please note: That first three screen guard protector glass is already been purchased and got the positive review, which means they are fully satisfied if you think the same way as other purchaser does then share your review in the comment section.

We are introducing the top-most ranking OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Protector And Guard by keeping a few important things keep in mind.

  • Installation
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Case Friendly

1#.  WRJ: [Packing includes 3]

HD ClearScreen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Hydrogen film makes them mend innovation, which wipes out minor scratches on the film without anyone else. Altogether diminishes residue, oil and unique finger impression smirches. It has the ultra-clear High definition with 99.9% straightforwardness to permit an ideal, common review understanding. The material has high affectability and top quality showcase enables you to get a smooth touch and keep up the exactness of the touch screen without losing affectability.

The assembling organization says that We are endeavouring to guarantee the nature of items at WRJ, if there are issues of value or missing parts, kindly don’t waver to reach us, we will give high consideration to it. This is called one of the best HD ClearScreen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro.

What you get inside the box of OnePlus 7 Pro screen protector:

  • Hydro Gel Screen Protectors 1Nos
  • Manual Instruction 1Nos
  • Microfiber Cloth 1Nos
  • Cleaning Wipes 1Nos
  • Scraping Card 1Nos
  • Film Peel-off Sticker 1Nos
  • Hydrogel Wet Foam 1Nos

Price: $8.99


2#.  A-VIDET:

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro

This VIDET Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protector is anti-scratch and case-friendly material which allows the user to apply the screen guard with the back cover. It has the 9H hardness 3D full inclusion which is perfect for Oneplus 7 Pro. It has 3D full inclusion where the screen defender can full covers the entire screen, will give the best full assurance to your Oneplus 7 Pro. 0.3mm thickness is dependable and versatile, the ideal experience of utilizing a touch screen. It shields your Oneplus 7 Pro from drops, scratches, fingerprints and everyday harms. Try to clean the screen completely utilizing the included wet and dry wipes. Strip off the slim, clear, defensive layer(s) from the screen defender before applying the defender to the telephone. At long last, put the screen defender onto the screen gradually. What’s more, you are finished. In the event that there are bubbles, it would be ideal if you delicately crush the rises out of the screen defender and push them to the limit, with the goal that the air pockets will vanish totally.

Price: $8.99


3#.  IVSO: [2 Packs – Black]

IVSO Screen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro

This IVSO screen protector is perfect in size to fit on the Oneplus 7 pro screen and allow the user to get the bubble free tempered glass. It has made from the 9H hardness that cannot be broken easily.  The user gets the HD clear bubble free display after the installation of screen protector for Oneplus 7 pro-Smartphone. This screen defender is extraordinarily designed for Oneplus 7 ace and it is the excellent quality where too hard glass defender keeps the Oneplus 7 genius from scratches and every day scraped area. With the HD clear innovation it jam screen clearness and affectability; uncover Oneplus 7 professional real nature. The twofold assurance accompanies the additional hydrophobic and oleophobic layer can keep the Oneplus 7 professional from fingerprints and oil, which makes the screen perfect and clean. It is anything but difficult to Installing by ideal fit with Oneplus 7 expert screen. The bundle incorporates cleaning fabric and sticky residue remover, making air pocket and residue-free application.



4#. Janmitta:

Tempered Glass for OnePlus 7 Pro

This Jbao screen protector is directly compatible with OnePlus 7 Pro with the scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint technology. This screen protector is bubble free and provides the 3D Arc Edge display with ultra-thin tempered glass material for OnePlus 7 Pro device. This tempered film can successfully avert scratches brought about by keys, blades and different items. The ultra-meager thickness of 0.33mm with the goal that your telephone does not appear to cell phone security film, reestablishes the first HD quality. It just adjusts the gaps of the tempered film with the ones of the telephone and delicately contacts the focal point of the tempered film to naturally retain it. At that point, you will finish the establishment effectively. Jbao Direct will present to you the best client administration, you can get in touch with us whenever for item related issues, we will be glad to support you. This is the best Tempered Glass for OnePlus 7 Pro.



5#.  MYLB-US: [Pack of 4]

This Screen defender film idealizes full spread the bent edges of your Oneplus 7 Pro. It nearly a similar size as the telephone screen, so that to accomplish an air pocket free establishment, you should apply the screen watchman to your gadget gradually with consideration. This screen watch accompanies the pack of 4 Screen Protectors from mylb gives save sheets to enable you to change and invigorate your screen monitor now and again or to use as extras for any establishment botches. It’s an establishment in spots with less residue can viably evade air bubbles. Adhere to the directions manage; you can rapidly ace the establishment technique. This screen watch has the top notch and high reaction up to 98% straightforwardness and an incredibly thin profile making a for all intents and purposes undetectable defensive layer to guarantee consistent cooperation with your touch screen just as impeccable visual lucidity. On the off chance that you see the little scratches and few air bubbles, it perhaps vanishes naturally with-in 24 hours.



6#. Janmitta:

This screen guard is perfectly match made for OnePlus 7 Pro with 2 packs. It is planned with 2.5D curve edges that cozy fit with the PDA. Keep sharp edges from scratching your fingers or different spots. It has the counter scratch with 9H hardness, the treated glass screen defender adequately ensure your OnePlus 7 Pro opposes scratch by a key, blade and some other sharp items. This cell phone film does not influence the first telephone quality, and the lucidity is amazingly high, giving you a profoundly straightforward survey impact. It essentially adjusts the openings of the tempered film with the ones of the telephone and tenderly contacts the focal point of the tempered film to naturally assimilate it. At that point, you will finish the establishment effectively.



7#.  KATIAN HD Clear [Not Glass] Film with Hydrate Skin by KATIAN: [3 Pack]

KATIAN HD Clear Screen Protector OnePlus 7 Pro

This screen defender is impeccably assurance with just perfect Oneplus 7 Pro; completely inclusion screen defender forestalls keys, coins, blades and any day by day substances. It can be mended by it and keeps a long lifetime. It is case-accommodating with no Lifting Up, wet-connected guarantees simple match/adjust edge. Additionally bolsters any telephone case. No irritating air pockets and buildup, since air pockets will vanish following 12 hours. The ultra-clear screen covers with hydrophobic and Oleophobic screen covering secure against perspiration, oil buildup and fingerprints keep the first shade of the screen and give you a characteristic vision. This watchman is a thin and delicate material touchy reaction and gives your telephone a chance to work easily. It’s thin to the point that you can’t feel it’s there. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning our item, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will answer to you inside 24 hours.



8#.  Androgate:

Androgate Clear Transparent Slim Soft TPU Cover Bumper Case OnePlus 7 Pro

This one plus 7 pro has case and screen protector both in one combo budget package which will save your money and provide the helpful shopping. It is flawless telephone case designed for OnePlus 7 Pro Clear Case, with 2pcs safety glass screen defenders incorporated into each bundle and great perfectly clear TPU material offers a hold with a too thin profile and a decent touch. The extreme straightforwardness uncovers and flaunts the first telephone structure. The air pockets at four corners amplify security against stuns and effects. The organization declares the lifetime guarantee for this case for Oneplus 7 Pro characteristics for a lifetime guarantee. On the off chance that you get any issues with this case, if you don’t mind get in touch with us and we will send you another one.




Mylboo Screen Protector for Oneplus 7 Pro

This Oneplus 7 Pro screen defender is the fifth most recent age Technology with interesting structure and amazingly straightforward thin delicate TPU material of insurance film for Oneplus 7 Pro cell phone. The most recent age of TPU material screen insurance innovation, it can consummate full spread the bent edges of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. IT counteracts your screen scratching and other harm. It is anything but difficult to introduce with directions incorporated into the bundle. You can introduce the full-screen insurance quicker and all the more consummately on your cell phone as portrayed in the manual. This screen defender has the incredible self-mending capacity that introduces the screen defender totally as per the directions if there are as yet minor air pockets or different follows. It will ordinarily be fixed inside 24 hours, and a definitive top quality straightforward TPU material defensive film, won’t influence excellence.

Price: $4.99


10 #. SLEO: [No Worrying About Bubbles]

Clear Screen Protector for Oneplus 7 Pro

This screen defender is designed for OnePlus 7 Pro with overly intense and ultra clear. It keeps up your screen’s unique affectability contact without trading off the top quality review understanding. This screen protector is fingerprint resistant & smudge resistant because of the Oleophobic coated and helps the display to clean with easy. The hardness keeps Your Screen from Scratching and External Shocks. The specific plan is made with top-notch thick premium safety glass with adjusted edges solely and completely ensures the screen to let the screen looks as unique. It is extremely simple to introduce by expelling dust and adjusting it appropriately before the real establishment.



It does not matter how hard your device screen is made of, it can break with an unexpected accident. We presented the case friendly screen guards for OnePlus 7 Pro that protects the screen from damage from outside and also provides the guard layer that helps with zero percent scratch. There are many question raise related to some non-ranked product because of the latest one plus 7 pro model can be asked in the comment section.