Have you ever wondered about joining Amazon Products Tester program to get some freebies and early discounts? Well, believe it or not, you are not the only one in the game. This career has gained popularity these days, thus attracting individuals from far and wide.

However, this fame also gives rise to various fraudulent websites that claim to offer a product testing job on behalf of Amazon and then steal your personal data without your consent. One of the leading names gaining popularity these days is Basictester. 

While this link claims to offer an exciting job opportunity for individuals, there are several red flags that suggest not to fall into the trap. The guide explains how Basictester actually works and how to avoid falling victim to the Amazon Basics Tester Job scam. Are you ready? Keep reading the guide to the end to get well-versed with all the vital details.


What is Basicstester all about?

Let’s start with the introduction. Basictester is a recently launched website that looks similar to any other official Amazon page and assures to offer you a prospering job opportunity. It is mainly luring those searching for work-from-home opportunities.

While this site looks legitimate and safe to enter your information, negative customer reviews and its too-basic design suggest otherwise. It asks you to enter your sensitive information, such as email or other details and redirects you to other scam sites.

Additionally, Basictester also claims that a visitor can become a part of the Amazon Vine program and other Amazon jobs, thus getting the opportunity to enjoy free products and discounts. To your surprise, the website is thoughtfully designed and will definitely fool new users or those with the least technical knowledge. It mimics the official interface, and users are often led to believe that these steps are necessary for quality for being an Amazon Product Tester.

Furthermore, this website is not the only option in the race. The internet is packed with tons of similar fraud websites that assure to be genuine but then make users prone to cyberattacks.

A Step-by-Step to Using Basicstester

Let’s now find out the stepwise instructions to use the Basictester. Please note that these steps are mentioned for educational purposes only, and we will never recommend users fall for this scam or trap. Stay away from the Basictester site and keep unauthorized access at bay.

  • Open the web browser of your choice and enter the official URL of the Basictester, i.e., basicstester.com. Alternatively, you can enter the keyword Basictester in the search engine box, and it displays the official link in the results. Tap on it and reach the homepage of Basictester.
  • The homepage mimics the official interface and is enough to make you fall into this trap. It has an Amazon logo and uses a similar font style and size.
  • Scroll down to the “Apply Now” button, and tap it to move further.
  • A new tab will open on the screen, where you’ll be asked to enter a few details, such as personal information, email address, and answer certain questions.
  • Before proceeding further, you must have to agree to their terms and conditions and give a positive nod to receiving text messages and calls. And it’s done.

How Does Basicstester Work?

Now that you have signed up for Basicstester, its time to learn how this website actually works (or you can say steal your information). 

The site asks you to click “Marketing Partners” and then redirects you to other spam and survey sites. It then motivates you to sign up on those websites as well, and the series continues. All of these sites promise you to deliver some rewards or points after you complete their survey or “tasks”. And the user also starts completing it without looking at the offerings or thinking about the security risks.

In many cases, Basictester and other spam sites ask victims to provide their financial data or sensitive information in order to complete the survey, thus making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Besides leading you to spam websites, Basictester also redirects users to affiliate links and starts promoting their products and services. Sometimes, it asks you to purchase the product and makes it a part of getting a job as an Amazon Product Tester. The scammers earn a commission on each sale, thus getting immense profits from the users’ purchases.

Hence, it’s advised not to sign up with Basictester and share any of your personal information. These scam sites often collect your personal data and sell them to third parties without your consent. It makes you exposed to identify thefts or unwanted charges.

The 5 Simple Ways to Stay Away from Amazon Product Testing Websites

We understand your curiosity about becoming an Amazon Product Tester, but it’s important to stay away from scam websites; otherwise, you’ll end up losing your personal information. Here’s a quick rundown of some best practices to keep yourself safe from such identity fraud.

  • Skip the site that asks for sensitive information, such as physical address or credit/ debit card information, sending you OTPs, and keen to ask other financial details.
  • Conduct research before signing into any such job offering site and look for reviews from other users who have participated in similar programs.
  • Be cautious about red flags, such as poor interface, too much questions, or unnecessary information.
  • Stay away from too good to be true offers. No one gives you job this easily; hence, you must not fall into such traps.
  • Contact Amazon facility directly, and ask if the website is legitimate or not.


Basictester is simple to use; however, the site is not safe. It might prompt you to download malware or other virus programs, thus exposing to cyberthreats. That’s all about the guide on how to use Basictester. If you find the writeup useful, then please share your feedback with us and let other readers help making the decision. We would like to hear from you. For more such informational guides, stay tuned with us.