Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives. More so, the computers are becoming extensively handy and efficient in their functioning. You can use computers to type, print, interact, manage, communicate, read, write and even fax. Yes, faxing from computers is possible!

If eons ago someone told you that it was not possible sending a fax through a computer, they were probably right. But, as times have evolved, the fax machines too have evolved. You no longer need to invest your time, space and money in purchase and maintenance of a fax machine.

But, why do we need to fax? This is usually a pertinent question amidst the email and DM generation. As far as security and admissibility of an official document goes, faxes are the top priority with most organizations. They are admissible, acceptable and totally secure.


How to Send Fax from a Computer

Sending faxes from a computer is relatively easier and convenient than sending a fax through a fax machine. Considering the efficiency of fax as a mode of communication and the inefficiency and maintenance of a fax machine, a lot of online fax service providers came up.

Despite the competition in the online faxing arena and a lot of alternatives online, you need to cut the chase to the real deal. The efficiency, faxing services and features you attain with CocoFax are the best you can attain from any other platform.

Having tried, tested and wasted a lot of the time in looking for a reliable online fax solution, there was only one ultimate fax solution. The application is devoid of any glitches and the services can be counted upon.

Why should you Fax from a Computer

It’s one thing to know that you can fax from a computer it is another to know why you should fax from a computer. The reasons are very many. If you have worked on a dated fax machine, you need to know how it can keep you on your toes with maintenance.

So, let’s see the reasons why you should fax from a computer using applications like CocoFax:

No Fax Machine Infrastructure required

Fax machines are not inexpensive. In fact, they can be really cost extensive as the latest fax machines come with a lot of operational jazz. It occupies a monumental space in your office and on your budget.

It is not just about the one time purchase of the fax machine. Fax machine digs a whole in your budget through its recurrent operational and maintenance cost. 

30 Day Trial

It is okay to be in two minds about something you haven’t tried. You wouldn’t know if online faxing can work in your line of work. So, just to try, testing and coming to a conclusion, you can attain a free 30 day trial.

This 30 day period is a decent time to identify the relevance of online faxing in your line of work. If, at any time, you feel like it’s not as convenient as you thought, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period.

Cost Saving

In addition to saving upon the fax machine infrastructure, CocoFax also allows room for a lot of cost saving. There is a lot of operational cost saving as the maintenance, electricity and stationery cost.

The CocoFax subscription is very cost efficient as compared to the benefit it tends to offer. The magnanimous savings rendered by CocoFax is a major motivation for individual professionals and organizations.

Process of Sending Fax from a Computer

The best part about CocoFax is the flexibility it has to offer. Even with terms of usage, there is not just one way in which you can use CocoFax from a computer. In the below mentioned ways, you can make sure you can send faxes through a computer:

Sending Fax through Email

You can access your email through your computer and then send out fax through email. CocoFax is compatible with all leading mail servers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

To send fax through emails, you need to attach the fax intended document to the mail. The document can be attached in docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats, but will be received as a pdf document only.

All you need to do is add as a suffix to the fax number. Example, if the fax number to which you need to send the fax to is 01234567, then the corresponding recipient email ID would be

Sending Fax through CocoFax Dashboard

CocoFax also allows you to attain access to the application through the web dashboard. In addition to using this app to send and receive faxes, the platform also acts as a database of all the faxes sent and received.

It maintains a complete list and log of the faxes sent and received. You can receive concise and precise information about the date, time, file size and other relevant data.

Sending Fax through Google

You can use your computer to access Google’s services. As a very inherent part of our daily functioning, we depend upon Google’s features, services and functioning. Of all the very many functions that Google provides, it can also be used to send out faxes.

CocoFax offers connectivity leverage and you can send out a fax directly through your Google Drive. As an additional methodology, you can also port your Google Voice number into a fax number as and when you port it to CocoFax.

When you do this, your Google Voice number transforms into a fully operational fax number that can be used for sending and receiving faxes. Hence, courtesy CocoFax, this can be done!


Sending a fax through a computer could be the easiest things you do, if you have the right platform. While the trend of online faxing is quickly gaining momentum worldwide, with CocoFax you attain the best convenience.

Having a faxing facility enhances the scope of your admissibility and opportunities. CocoFax allows you to navigate the discomfort caused by the fax machines. Instead, you attain the best possible, comfortable and cost efficient solution to function.

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