The sports gambling industry has come a long way in such a short space of time. Most millennials would scoff at the idea of travelling to a high street betting office, filling out a paper betting slip and waiting in a queue to place a bet on their favourite sport with paper money.

Betting at land-based sportsbooks still exists, of course, but the convenience of online gambling has forced it to near extinction. More bets are placed on legal gambling websites and mobile apps than in even the busiest of betting offices anywhere in the world.

Mobile betting is king

That change in the habits of gamblers is down, in no small part, to the advancements in technology that have swept through the industry in recent years.

First, it was online betting using a PC or laptop meaning players could gamble from the comfort of their own home with no need to brave the weather to get their wagers down.

Then came mobile betting using apps on phones and tablet devices. Bettors were no longer tethered to their home computer. They could now bet on the move turning everyday scenarios like a journey home from work or lunch break into an exciting sports betting experience.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the improvements in online sports betting and how you can use them to gamble on your favourite team or sporting event.

Mobile app

All the top legal sportsbooks available offer members mobile betting apps that can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices in just a few seconds. If you are a registered member with an online sportsbook you can download the app, login, deposit funds and start betting.

These mobile betting apps allow you to access all the same sports, markets, and promotions as you would on the desktop version of the site. They are user-friendly, responsive, and fast. Sports betting is now at the touch of a button.

In-game betting

Remember the days of having to place your bets before the game, race or fight started? Well, that’s another thing of the past. You can now place bets before the start of a fixture or at any stage of play thanks to in-game betting.

Many of the pre-match betting markets remain live throughout the play with odds updated to reflect the live score. Some markets, such as handicap betting, adjust to ensure they remain relevant. For example, the first touchdown scorer would become the next touchdown scorer after the first has been registered.  A bet is just as exciting in the final quarter as it was before kick-off.

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The cash-out feature exploded onto the scene and continues to grow in popularity. The betting industry is littered with new, exciting marketing ideas to spice things up a bit, but most don’t last the test of time. That’s not true of the cash-out feature which isn’t just here to stay it has changed the way we gamble on sports.

When placing a sport bet most online sportsbooks offer cash out. In the first instance, this will be equal to your stake but will rise and fall depending on how well your bet is doing. Cash-out has the potential to see you profit from a losing bet. Monitor the cash-out amount offered and consider taking it when it is as close to your potential winnings as possible.

Secure banking

Another way technology has impacted the betting game concerns banking. You can deposit funds to your gambling account at the click of a button, transferring money from your bank to your online betting wallet in seconds. It’s also just as easy to withdraw winnings, sending cash in the opposite direction. It’s a simple transfer with no time wasted.

What’s more, modern betting apps offer complete peace of mind when it comes to online security. Move money in and out of your account securely with the latest SSL and encryption technology ensuring your personal details are never seen by another person, including the betting site staff.

If you haven’t placed a bet online before or it has been a while it’s well worth checking out the improvements that have been made.

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