the iPhone by subscription. These are automatically extended if they are not canceled. Sometimes they get renewed even when you don’t want to use it longer. That is why we will now explain how you can cancel and manage an iPhone subscription.

Paid subscriptions have been on the iPhone for many years. With just a few simple steps, streaming services, daily newspapers, or other services can be subscribed to permanently just like a conventional subscription. But, if the subscriptions are not canceled, they simply keep going and cause new costs every month. While a subscription can always be completed fairly quickly and intuitively, if you want to cancel, you have to search a little deeper in the setting of the iOS device.

How to Cancel Subscriptions On iPhone?

If you would like to cancel an iPhone subscription, first got to the settings on your smartphone: “Your name => iTunes & App Store”. Now tap on your Apple ID and select “Show Apple ID”. You may need to identify yourself now before you can continue. Now tap on “Subscriptions” to display all active subscriptions. By tapping you can manage the respective subscription and cancel it. To do so, tap “Unsubscribe” to end your subscription as soon as possible.


  • End iPhone subscription – Settings => Your name => iTunes & App Store => Apple ID => Show Apple ID
  • Manage subscriptions on iPhone – Tap “Subscriptions” to see all active subscriptions
  • Cancel iOS subscription – Select the desired subscription and end it by tapping “Cancel subscription”

Signing out…

This is how you can simply any subscription on your iPhone or iPad easily. So, now put an end to the unnecessary payment you are being charged without your acknowledgement.