Are you looking for some fun with family and friends? Prankdial is still providing its service by login to access all sections of your account. Some people spread rumours that Prankdial is illegal. But actually, it does not allow or support for causing harm, harassing, violent, defrauds calls, or wrongly obtain anyone value. If you are new with this platform, then you should read the terms of service before going further.

Prankdial support both caller and receiver where caller allows calling anyone on their number. The receiver can easily block their number by visiting PrankDial page and go with “Block My Number” at the end bottom of the page, enter the number and submit. It will allow the receiver to block prank calls through Prankdial. The developer team behind this website understands why people request to block their number, and they accept prankdial block number request.


How To Login PrankDial Using Laptop/PC

Step #1. To login into Prankdial you need to open the link into new web browser from your computer.

Step #2. Click on the “Account” button which you get at the top right side of PrankDial web page.

PrankDial steps

Step #3. You will get the Pop-Up to login PrankDial with one of your following potion (Login with Face book, Login with Email or Login with Phone number)

PrankDial steps

Step #4. Click on your option to login PrankDial and also don’t forget to tick the box which is assured that you agree with the terms and condition of PrankDial.

Step #5. I choose the email option, now enter email to the provided field and click on verify or you can go back in case you need another option.

PrankDial steps

Step #6. After your email is verified, you can complete the process and enjoy PrankDial.

How To Download & Install PrankDial APK App

Prankdial is legal and available on the official Google play store. If you are an Android user, then you can easily download this app on your device and avail all the features that Prankdial provide on the website.

Prankdial allows 3-free calls & 100’s Pranks per day. This app allows saving calls by itself on prank call history to free users. If you are a new user, then your calls are added. The update in Prankdial app you will experience with improved design. You can also comment on your favorite prank reactions, calls, and more. Go ahead and get the update of Prankdial.

Step #1. From your Android phone, Open Google play store.

Step #2. Using the search bar type “Prank Dial – Prank Call App” and tab the search.

Note: This app is developed by Lavalsoft and comes in an Entertainment category.

Step #3. You will get more than the expected result as per content, choose only Prank dial.

Step #4. When you tap on the “Install” button, it will automatically download and install into your device.

Step #5. Once it installed you will see the Prankdial icon onto your device app room, tap to open and enjoy your fun.

In case if you didn’t find the proper Prankdial app, then contact through the comment box, and we will get the direct link for you.

Related Information:

  • Updated: March 30, 2019
  • Size: 26M
  • Current Version: 6.1.9
  • Requires Android: 4.3 or above

How To Download & Install PrankDial iOS App

This app is to crease fun by choosing from different prank call scenarios and watch the call status live. You can also call history with all your calls for all users. With the update of Prankdial, you can also customize your place, name, and many other exciting features.

Step #1. From your Apple iPhone, iPad, or other iOS compatible device tab on the App Store icon.

Step #2. Using the app store search bar type “PrankDial – #1 Prank Call App” and tap on the search

Note: KickBack developed this app, Inc so tries to go with the only app with this developer.

Step #3. You get the result, where you search for original Prankdial iOS app — tab on it to open.

Step #4. Install the app into your iOS device, and the smart Apple will do everything for you.

Step #5. After successful installation, you get the prankdial iOS icon into the app room of your device.

Step #6. Tab on it, and you will get the chance to live with fun life with friends and family.

In case if you did not find the original Prankdial then use the comment box and we provide the proper link for Apple device.

Related Information:

  • Updated: March 30, 2019
  • Size: 126.9 MB
  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Requires iOS: 10.0 or above
  • Compatible: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Price: Free

Choose Your Prank Call Scenario

There are many options to Customize, Love, Sexy, Angry, Insult, Annoying, Funny, Celebrations, Technology, Scam, Money, Neighbor, Politics, Automated, Services, Animals, and Celebs. These are some of the popular prankdial which you can choose as per increase the fun with your family or friends.

  • You Hit My Car
  • Why You Call My Girlfriend
  • Why You Call My Boyfriend
  • Crazy Old Lady
  • Secret Crush
  • You Kick My Dog
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Why You Call Me
  • Credit Fraud
  • Chinese Buffet
  • Where’s My Paper?
  • Too Stupid to Drive
  • The Annoying Kid
  • You Get the Stuff
  • Just the 3 of Us
  • Are You Coming Over
  • Radio Giveaway
  • Cable Guy
  • Gay Telemarketer
  • Vote For Trump
  • Mobile Data Overage
  • She’s Late
  • Indian tech support
  • Hotty Next Door
  • Wring Girlfriend
  • You Guys Sell Burritos Si
  • Wifi Thief
  • No Smoking
  • Chinese Takeout
  • Why You Call My Boyfriend – Sorority Girl
  • Wife Phone

Final Words:

PrankDial is not illegal until and unless you try to use that cross the line of law. The developer only designs this app/web only to provide some fun with your family and friends. This app is good to use and secure your data which you enter during registration (facebook ID, Email address, and phone number). If you get any threat from this service, then direct contact with the Prankdial contact or you can share your subject and description at the comment box.

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