Here, I explain how to Delete Skype Account and here Fast way to delete Skype account permanently Skype account from Microsoft account from best way and Microsoft made deleting Skype accounts more complicated and providing many paid apps outside of App Store for free like Download after very easy Delete Skype Account.

How to Delete Skype Account

Basic Instruction

  1. Detach the Microsoft account from our Skype account.
  2. Dynamic subscriptions also appeal a return.
  3. Remove the Skype
  4. Update our mood message.
  5. Set our position to Invisible or Offline.
  6. Sign out the Skype from all devices.

Here, follow above instruction after Delete Skype Account that is best all time.

How to Delete Skype Account

How to Delete Skype Account

Here, use the online Skype with Skype id before use it and you need to have Skype registered account with Skype name and password and also you can make Skype video call and your Skype update will be possible after follow below steps very carefully.

Step 1: login Skype account.

Step 2: After Go to account settings.

Step 3: Select Account Settings.

Step 4: After go to Microsoft account.

Step 5: After then click on the Unlink button.

Step 6: After then a verification message received.

Step 7: Click on the Continue.

Step 8: After then Skype account is unlinked from Microsoft account.

Step 9: Now we can cancel any Skype account.

Step 10: After then click on the Cancel Subscription to proceed.

Step 11: After select Thanks but no thanks I still want to cancel to verify subscription deletion.

Step 12: Done.

Here, Delete Skype Account without any details that are including Skype contacts and chat history and Microsoft inform that it can take 30 days to your name from the Skype directory after delete Skype account.

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Now, completed guide for How to Delete Skype Account and you read this guide very helpful for you.