Satellite technologies continue to evolve and provide benefits in various fields of human endeavor. In 2022, we are waiting for new satellite projects and events that will give humanity new opportunities. In this piece, you will learn about the most interesting and important ones.



EOS AgriSat and Dragonfly

EOS Data Analytics provides AI-powered satellite imagery analytics worldwide. It is preparing a unique satellite project EOS AgriSat, which will begin implementation in 2022. With an agreement with Dragonfly Aerospace, the company is preparing to launch the first satellite from a future constellation of seven optical satellites. Not a single company that works with remote sensing technologies has launched satellite constellations focused on agriculture, and EOSDA is preparing to become a pioneer in this area.

The agricultural industry needs high-quality satellite imagery as they provide the ability to obtain accurate and reliable information about the condition of farmland and crops. Satellite images, which the EOS AgriSat project will provide, will be able to meet the needs of large agricultural companies and small farmers who need valuable and accurate information for solving everyday problems and other larger purposes.

Satellites constellation focused on agriculture significantly benefits the fight against diseases, pests, and weeds. In addition, farmers can control all events in the fields better and receive more accurate forecasts of yield and weather conditions and make more effective decisions. These opportunities are crucial to increase yields and meet the demand of the growing population of the planet.



As technology develops faster, we can see that satellites have never been so integral to such a wide range of industries. In addition, various industries using satellite technology interact, learn and learn from each other. Therefore, it is so important to have platforms both for discussing issues and for new acquaintances and the formation of new partnerships. Participants can get it all at the events described below.

2023 Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference

Countries and individual organizations around the world are looking to add satellites to LEO. It is how a new space program begins, in which it is necessary to develop an effective and safe control system for space traffic. It is needed to reduce the threat posed by more space debris and its proliferation. Sustaining significant investments in satellite deployment programs is dependent on many factors, including complex debris removal processes.

The Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference will discuss technological advances and other critical policy issues in the orbiting space sector. Participants will have the opportunity to make sense of what efforts are planned to protect the near-Earth environment.

Global Space and Technology Convention

In Asia, the GSTC is the premier space technology event. During this conference, participants will learn about the latest news from the world of space technology, including the field of satellite communications. The event was first held in 2008 and since then has played an essential role in highlighting the impact of space technology and satellite communications on life in Asia.

The conference gives information on how satellite data and communications are transforming urban environments. You can also learn a lot about safety, maritime surveillance, IoT, and much more. This conference provides an opportunity for your space business to connect to Asia’s rapidly expanding space industry.


Satellite 2023

The SATELLITE conference and exhibition was first held in 1981. The main goal of this event was to unite the satellite technology industry as it develops. Today, this is the largest platform for SATELLITE has long been the largest forum for discussing innovation and one of the leading media events of the year. This conference brings together professionals from various fields  using satellite technology. The list of involved industries includes entertainment, media, broadcasting, automotive, finance, military, government, healthcare, and more.

The event is also the most critical and inclusive public gathering of leaders, officials, commercial clients, and engineers involved in the satellite and space technology industry. At the conference, world industry leaders discuss and solve critical global problems, make space more accessible, and explore innovation. This meeting is essential for building cooperation and mutual understanding, including between professionals and newcomers to the industry. At SATELLITE, attendees have the opportunity to build invaluable connections. So it is also an essential platform for finding new partners.

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