Many times, we find ourselves in the middle of our work day or in the middle of a study session and we find that there are documents that we cannot review on our PC because we do not have the right tool for it. This is really annoying because it slows us down and makes us lose track of everything we are doing. So, we have to focus on looking for an easy, simple, and very effective tool. However, many times we do not know which tool we need because there are many options. 

In this case, if what you need is a tool that helps you view documents in PDF format and that, in addition, allows you to do some more functions, then what you need is Free PDF Reader. A tool that you can download and install on your computer will facilitate the simple tasks that you have to do with this type of file. 

In this article, we will tell you everything about this program. We will start by explaining what it is and all the features available to it. We will talk about its features and everything you can do with this software. In addition, we will tell you about the download methods that you can apply and all the other details that we consider important. 

What is the Free PDF Reader for PC and How Does It work?

Basically, this is software to read PDF files. However, it is not the only thing that it allows you to do, but it also provides some more functions that will surely be useful. These functions are related to what is called text editing in this format. For example, you can use Zoom to zoom in on any area of ​​the document. In addition, you can browse the pages from top to bottom, from the beginning to the end, without complications. 

You will have a program with which you can do multiple views. With this view mode, you can accommodate the width and size of the document pages. You also have the option to rotate, in case you need to change the orientation of the page to better view the document. The idea with all these functions that we have just mentioned is to make your reading much easier and smoother. 

Another function is that it allows you to copy any section of the text you are reading and paste it wherever you want. The same is also true for images. For this, you select them and copy them using the CTRL+C keys, then paste them where you need them. Although it gives us extra functions, just reading the document does not allow us to do much. Remember that it is a simple program where the important thing is to have access to the document in PDF format. This does not mean that it is not effective in fulfilling its main purpose very well. 

In addition, you have to take into account that it is one of the programs that allows you to work with PDF files while occupying the least amount of space available on the computer’s hard drive. In this case, you will only need about 3 MB of available space to install the program. It is completely free and very easy to use. 

Sites to Download Free PDF Reader for PC

Because we have already said that this is an application that comes with a free license, there is no cost associated with downloading it at this time. Having said that, it is essential to point out that this application was designed to work exclusively with the Windows operating system. It will then be essential to build some more tools in order to make it usable on other platforms. On this computer’s operating system, you need to have at least Windows 8.1 installed for the software to work.

PDFZilla, the company that developed the software, provides us with a version of it that has several languages pre-installed by default. But if you change your mind later, you may always do so using the options menu. This is attainable as a result of the availability of more than seven different languages to select from. The most reliable and highly recommended approach for downloading this program is to do it from within an online application shop.

You need to go into one of these online app stores, which may be Softonic or Malavida. This is what you need to do. After logging in, the next step is to look for the application, and once you locate it, you have to choose it and then click the download option. The procedure is often fairly quick, so it will only take a few seconds for the download to finish once it has started.

Following this step, you will need to install the application, which requires you to look for the file that was downloaded and then run it. The procedure will move along quite quickly if it is carried out in this manner. Proceed with the steps that will be outlined and prepared for you.

Pros and Cons of Using Free PDF Reader on your PC

The benefits of using this program extend even further than what we have already discussed. Among them, we also have the fact that it is a very simple application to use and has an intuitive design. Additionally, it includes a wide variety of functions that are helpful for examining documents. It is possible to cut and copy words as well as photos, and the amount of space required on your hard disk is not enormous.

Now that we are aware that not everything is perfect, we can remark that it also has a few drawbacks to consider. These are related to its design, which a lot of people think looks antiquated. Aside from that, updates come out quite infrequently, and it does not have a lot of capabilities that let you alter the text that is being read out loud. It is important to keep in mind that the software was developed for a particular operating system, and thus the likelihood of it being compatible with other applications is quite low.

On the other hand, they are only people’s opinions based on other people’s reviews. Please accept our invitation to become a member of our community, download the file, and then share your feedback with us.