Currently, most of the analysis that takes place within an organization is done using the cloud. The cloud has become a very important piece when analysing the different decisions made by the business, which is why more than 90% of entities are clear that cloud strategies are essential for the development of their analysis.

Basic Characteristics

In this era in which new technologies prevail, the cloud has become an essential pillar within companies that see how they have a highly effective tool to start up all kinds of solutions for their business in a much faster, profitable and fluid way. Most organizations use the cloud because it is presented as a tool that provides great flexibility, profitability and above all, agility in the processes.

These characteristics are so complete and cover so many fronts that they provide the business with everything necessary for the necessary analyses to be carried out in the least possible amount of time, having on the table good solutions for the development of the business. Keep in mind that more and more frequently the actions carried out in the cloud are closely linked with the fact of extracting information that will be very useful for the business.

Within this new context that is being presented, there are more and more cloud options available in the market, which means that organizations are trying to specialize in this field and make the most of all the options that are offered.


The cloud environment offers the possibility of creating what we know as a self-service analysis, which is a fundamental process for the business to develop properly and to perform all the necessary tasks correctly. If a company wants to be more competitive, it must integrate within it the different services offered by the cloud and not consider this tool as optional.

With all this, currently the cloud is essential to develop analysis, so much that themajority of applications developed for this use are based on hybrid and public clouds to provide the best services to companies. This is because organizations need to manage data in the best way possible, taking into account that more and more information is presented with greater complexity. Only with a system of these characteristics will we obtain the quality data that we need in a fast, safe and reliable way.

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