Here, we are going to give you the every Gunblood cheats, hidden code, exploit, helpful glitch, and every secret & level password of GunBlood, a very popular game. We can assure you a victory for since you can use the Gunblood cheats given below in the post and exploit the game to win over anybody in the game. These Gunblood cheats unlocked are exclusively for you if you are a pro player but if you are happened to be the noob, a new player then, for you we have a beginner’s tips for Gunblood. With these guides and tips, you can defeat your rivals by downing their guns and up your game without stacking the deck.

Gunblood Cheats

Here are the Gunblood cheats unlocked for you. In the game, there is a box mentioned as “Cheats”, on the character selection screen. You can enter any of the Gunblood cheats given below to activate the corresponding effects.

Effect                                                   Code

FASTFIRE                               Click and shoot faster –You have ability to shoot quickly

POINTER                               Add laser pointer to the gun – Easier to aim at your targets

NOHIT                                   Invincibility – you could still lose rounds if you the objectives

MOREAMMO                      Unlimited ammunition – to end them you must now shoot assistants in the relevant bonus rounds.

Level  Password
1             : LEVEL1
2             : LEVEL2
3             : LEVEL3
4             : LEVEL4
5             : LEVEL5
6             : LEVEL6
7             : LEVEL7
8             : LEVEL8
9             : LEVEL9
Bonus 1 : BONUS1
Bonus 2 : BONUS2
Bonus 3 : BONUS3
Bonus 4 : BONUS4

GunBlood – Tips for Beginners

If you are new to the game and still you don’t know much about Gunblood so we have made you complete guides and tips on how you can improve your performance in the game minding some very basic but vital things.

Improve your gameplay performance by keeping in mind the few basic things given below:

  • If you take a bullet we would suggest you to not give up. You could still be able to backfire and take on your rival opponent with more fatal would by that you may win the round.
  • If you die before your opponent that clearly means you lose, now you must have to restart from the beginning. But in case of draw or tie, you can keep going to the next rounds but with a little lower score.
  • Always keep in mind to target the chest, aim for it as it is a large target. Your rival may drop if you shot the chest, in case if your shot goes a little high, you may hit the headshot.
  • Prepare for your opponent to keep firing even after he seems to be laid in the field after being shot or defeated. Keep firing on the corpse until the timer expires, this will surely bring you a winner’s tag.
  • There are bonus rounds in the game in which you can score more points, but always keep in mind to not shoot the assistants who throw bottles. Or you could be relaxed and after taking some time aim carefully and shoot bottles off the assistants.

So these are the GunBlood Cheats and basic beginners’ tips to play Gunblood. If you have the hints, tips, exploit codes or other Gunblood cheats unblocked and tricks then you can share them with our readers through the comment box and surely we will owe you for that.