If you are a game geek then you must be familiar with the name of Ubisoft’s Rainbox Six Siege. Tom Clancy’s game is one of the popular games among the games. Ubisoft has just launched its new gaming subscription service called Uplay. So if you want to enjoy all the games of Ubisoft and Tom Clancy then you can opt for the premium membership of Uplay. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available on this subscription platform and there is a tribe of the players of this game. Rainbow Six Siege has distinctive map details and multiple operators so it is always hard to guess the game but a player’s usual strategy and gameplay may reveal many things. So there are several tools in the market that track the Rainbow Six Siege. R6DB is one of the most popular and genuine tools in the market.

What is R6db?

So as we said, there are several tracking tools in the market that help to track the Rainbox Six Siege. So r6db is one of the best tools to track Rainbow Six Siege players’ strategy. On R6DB, people can easily enter the username of the players of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and find out the strength and the weakness. It provides leaderboard, players’ rankings, global stats, players’ favorite or often used operators and some miscellaneous information about the players.

It is a third-party tracker tool that enables you to find everything about the most popular players. Even if your friends are your competitor in the game then you can find about all the strength, weakness, strategy, and everything about him on this rainbow six siege tracking tool. But since last year r6db has been shut down for a reason and people are finding the best alternatives to R6DB. But before that let’s find out what happened to r6db and why it is unavailable.

Why r6db is shutdown?

It got taken down by its operators because of the GDPRL. According to Europe’s new law of general data protect, every tool that tracks the general public’s information in any sector has to form a business and it has to come as an identifiable business. Plus, the operators of r6db were also informed to disable ads. But the team behind R6DB claimed that they all are doing this work as their hobby and ads were the main sources of income for them so they didn’t want to form a business and decided to take down this powerful tracking tool from the internet on 20th August 2019.

The team also added that a representative from Ubisoft had contacted them to support them legally to form a business and make r6db a totally legal in front of the officials. But the team stood firm in its decision of taking down r6db.

R6db Alternatives | what are the alternatives of r6db? | R6db proxy

After the shutdown of r6db, there is not a single powerful tracking tool for Rainbow six Siege that can compete with r6db. But for the last few months, a new clone of the r6db is available on the internet with the same name but different extension. In our examination, we found that the interface and design of the site are similar to the original. The data also seems to be derived from the original site. So when we are talking about r6db then this r6db mirror link is the best option.


But if you are looking for another tool like r6db then you can try Ubisoft’s own tracker tool. But several forums on the internet claim that the tool is not as good as the rd6b but you can give it a shot. Don’t know if the new r6db site is from its original developers or not but we recommend you to try this once as it is the best alternatives of r6db.

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