The facility of the internet has its own perks but just like they say every good thing comes with risks as well. Ransomware is said to be the most threatening issue at this time. Hackers and cyber attackers have become more professional these days and they are occupied with the latest technology. With their intelligence and malicious mind, they can attack any person’s computer or data, government agencies, and any business organization. One of the most dangerous and new ransomware on the internet is RYUK. So what is RYUk and why is it dangerous?

What is RYUK?

RYUK is a group of cyber attackers. It has all the latest technologies and with that, they puncture any network and can get access to their network easily. Unlike, other cybercriminals, RYUK picks the specific person, business or government entity as its target and tries to get access to their network.

For instance, the City of Stuart and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) is the latest preys of RYUK. According to the reports and several other sources, the City of Stuart was hardly attacked by RYUK last years and the network operators are still trying to recover all the data from the RYUK attack. TCS is one of the latest preys of RYUK. It is an Indian IT company spread all over the world. A few months ago RYUK had tried to infect some of its network channels but with great strategies and security measures, they were able to get rid of RYUK ransomware and recovered all the lost data.

The team behind RYUK start its rampage started its cybercrime activities ten years back. Earlier, they used to target business organization and make fund out it. but since last year, we may assume that they have changed their target because they have got government entities on their radar. So there are some measures that any business organization, person, or government entity has to consider. These measures will not help to remove RYUK but they will definitely help in the protection against RYUK and other similar dangerous ransomware.

What should you do to protect from RYUK and similar ransomware like RYUK?

Just like they say “precaution is better than cure.” So taking measures before any attack can help you to cop up with the cyber attackers. So these are some of the basic and significant things that will help you and ensure the protection, not only against RYUK but all the other ransomware and cyber attacks.

Security Training to the Employees – If you are a business owner or a government entity, you need to keep in mind that your employees should have the proper knowledge about how ransomware like RYUK can enter into the network. They should be provided with knowledge that where to click and how a single click on malicious email can take down the whole server. So think before the click.

A good investment in the network security team – The cabin full of IT people is not important but they should have knowledge about the latest threat on the internet. So any business organization or government entity must invest in the education of the network security team because it is the one that can protect the whole business against RYUK and similar ransomware threats.

Bring safe and secure software (with updates) – The third and the most important part is to invest smartly in the software and system you use on all of your networks. Most people say that they have transferred all of their data on the cloud and they are safe now but some cloud storage can also be targeted and breached by cyber attackers. So one should use the latest software and always update it with the latest release from the developers.

Make Backup – Keeping a backup is the best thing to save time, money, and save the business from the attackers. Ransomware like RYUK always finds its way into the network through the consumer data or employees’ email. Sometimes just a casual click can destroy all the data. So backing up the data is the best way when you are attacked by the RYUK or any security breach attack.

Final Words:

So these are some of the best measures to take when you want to protect yourself or your organization from the RYUK and similar cyber attacks. Investment in safety & security is always better than recovering from lost data as later will consume money and time both.

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