SEO can be an enigma to most people, but if you’re somebody who works online or has a business that relies on clicks and conversions, this is something, that is integral to your success. Regardless, if it’s Bing or Google, search engines will always aim to put the most relevant at the top of the list. Sites will always vie to be at the top of the list or in the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) because the alternative is – oblivion.


How Seo Benefits You?

I mentioned that if your site doesn’t rank at the top of SERP or even appear on the first page, then your site might as well have not existed. Now, I don’t mean that for every keyword, you should rank first. Optimization is when your site appears on top of searches that are relevant to your content. The more relevant the queries of the user are, the greater is the need for you to rank high. SEO works in making sure that you place on top of searches and stay there.

Effective Seo Techniques

So ranking high is the game, the SERP is the battlefield and SEO is your tool. However, don’t think that SEO is not a sole item or procedure that you do once to achieve your goal. It is composed of techniques, that require updating from time to time and would need regular monitoring. Big companies spend a hefty amount to be first, but that doesn’t mean small businesses should already fold up their tents. There are a lot of SEO techniques that don’t require you to spend a fortune on, here are some of them:

1.   Create High-Quality Content

Just stuffing keywords into your website will not only be useless, but it will also get your site penalized by Google. So having quality and original content that gives value to your audience will help you gain traffic organically. People go online because they seek information and if you’re able to fill that need, then you’re on your way to be a credible authority about that topic.

When people spend more time on your site, the better your ranking will be. It’s an indicator to the search engine that people are finding valuable content on your site. So it’s not enough that you have content, it must be of value to the visitors of your site. Here are some tips for making your content stand out and easy for your consumers as well as optimizing your site:

  • Headers

Having headers make your content friendly to the readers. Imagine having to read through long blocks of texts, it’ll be hard to digest. So, place headers to organize your content and let the reader know what can they expect from the texts below. This will earn you points to your reader when they find your site easy on the eyes.

  • External Links

Links are essential in earning a high position in the search results. So make sure you build some to authentic and well-respected sites that have authentic content. But do this moderately, as you don’t want to always send away your visitors to different sites.

  • Expand Your Audience

Having substantial traffic will lead to a better SERP position, which will then add more traffic your way, which will help you maintain your ranking – it’s a cycle of winning. Thus, it’s imperative to make your content easier for everyone to understand. If your site is full of jargon that only people with PhDs or Master’s Degrees can understand, then you’re just alienating the majority of people on the web.

Organize your thoughts, use other media, make it interesting and easy to comprehend, that way you’ll be able to share the value of your information to a wider audience.

2.   Use Analytics Tools

The use of analytic tools has become an essential part of optimizing your site in a growing competitive market. There are also a lot of added value functions these tools have developed over the years. Make sure you procure services from authentic and reputable providers. Be careful of seo group buy scams that will just end up hurting you and the industry as a whole. You should buy directly from providers or their authorized sellers.

3.   Choose Keywords Wisely

I mentioned that keyword stuffing is not only ineffective (at best) it’s also counterproductive (at worse). You can use tools to help you decide on methods that best work for your site.

Make sure to incorporate long-tail keywords (keywords that are three words or more) in your strategy. This will help you find audiences in a specific niche and gain as much traffic from there.

Also, use keywords are closely related to your content or you’re just wasting your time and resources. People will just leave as quickly as they enter when they find out your site is far from relevant.

3.	Choose Keywords Wisely

4.   Optimize Your Site

There are two ways to optimize your site: on-site and off-site. The latter is a little difficult and would need a lot of effort and time to establish credibility and authority. The goal is to have respectable sites link to your page, for you to earn high marks from the search engine. You can do this by doing regular press releases with links connecting back to your site. Or you can also have guest blogs on your website. These are blogs from respectable editors in your industry that are posted on your site.

On-site optimization is using your keywords appropriately in your content. You can add them in alt tags of your images, descriptions of your videos, and of course, in your texts. You will also have to organize your site and fix broken links. This will indicate that your site is sound and is well-built.

5.   Social Media Presence

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. will just be considered as ordinary sites by Google, so why is it important? It’s true, that search engines will index social media platforms like regular websites, and maintaining a page within them would seem like an added chore. But you can’t ignore that these sites have maintained a high SERP rank in many topics and if your page is linked to their platform you’ll be able to gain better visibility for your audience.

Today, people spend more time on their social media accounts than anything else on the internet. So, linking your site to your social media page will help direct customers to your site effectively.

If you put time and effort into these tips, you will be able to pick your spots against large online entities and gain the upper hand. But you will definitely need to invest in SEO if you’re looking to establish an online presence. I’m not talking about spending hundreds of thousands, but taking the time and coming up with a solid strategy on how to approach your audience. These practices will eventually pay dividends in the coming weeks when search engines index your site and see the improvements you’ve made on it.