You are obviously reading this blog as you might have encountered a process in your Task Manager with the name of rundll32.exe. Now you may be wondering what it actually is. Why my computer is running the rundll32.exe process? Is it harmful or malware that can affect system performance? If it is a virus then, how to remove rundll32.exe malware from the system? So, here we are going to tell everything related to rundll32 exe and what it does to your Windows system.

What is rundll32 exe?

Rundll32.exe is a program or executable file process that allows all the software to execute DLL files and render stable performance of the computer with this functionality. What is a DLL file? If you love to explore your PC then you might have encountered several files with the extension name DLL. So these DLL files store the basic essentials and application logic data that are used by any application to function smoothly.

Here, what Rundll.exe does? It is the process that executes all the DLL files of the application and keeps them in the memories when they are required for the use of the application. You can find the rundll32.exe file at your system drive in the system32 folder. The exact location could be C:\Windows\System32\. So it is a Windows system process and should not be stopped. If you try to stop the process then the performance of the various applications that you use on the PC can be affected. In simple words, we do not recommend you to disable or delete the rundll32.exe file as it very essential and useful in determining the execution of the essential files for the easy performance of the programs on Windows.

Can rundll32 exe be a virus?

If you are not aware of the functionality of the rundll32 Exe process then you may consider this file as malware or a virus and delete it from your system. But let us tell you that rundll32 exe is not a virus. It is just a simple process that helps all the applications to acquire the required file for the stable performance of the PC and applications as well.

But yes, sometimes rundl32.exe can be a virus. We said earlier the location of the rundll.exe file on your system. It may also be found in WinSxS or SysWOW64 folders of your system. But if you encounter this file other than the above-mentioned folders then you should know that you are dealing with a virus here.

When you see two processes in the Task Manager with “rundll32.exe” name then one of the processes is a virus or malware. Several times, some hackers use rundll32 exe process to disguise a virus and infiltrate the system. In such a case, you need to full scan your PC with a reliable antivirus program on your PC.

Can the rundll32.exe virus harm your computer?

Yes, if it is a virus then it can harm your system. But you have to first find out if it is a virus or not. You can know rundll32 exe is a virus or not by the process we mentioned above in this article. Although, it is a very essential tool for the system when some virus disguises themselves as a virus it can be harmful to the Windows system.

Rundll32 Exe is not a virus but when there is a clone of the process in your system, it may harm the function of the applications.

Should I disable rundll32 exe?

There shall be the same answer again. If you are suspicious that it is a virus then you should delete it but if it is just a system process then you should never disable it. As it executes dll files for the application we do not recommend you to delete or disable it. From the Task Manager, just right-click on the file and open Properties to check whether it is on the system folder or not. But do not stop the rundll32 exe if it is system process.

How to remove the rundll32.exe virus?

There is a simple process to remove the rundll32 exe file from your system. But for the execution of the process, you need to have a genuine and reliable antimalware program on your Windows. You just need to run a full scan of your whole PC. The antivirus software will automatically detect the virus files. This how you can delete rundll32 exe virus from your computer

Final words:

Now you know what rundll32 exe is and how it helps to render the stable performance of the system. If you are thinking of deleting it then be prepared for the problems in software usage. The only way to protect and keep your Windows safe is to use a good antimalware program. It will protect you from all the malicious files and sites.

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